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  1. Development of Mandarin Lexical Tone Identification in Noise and Its Relation With Working Memory
  2. Statistical Information Affects Spoken Word Recognition of Tone Languages in Stutterers: Evidence From an Auditory-Perceptual Gating Study
  3. Tone Deafness in Music Does Not Preclude Distributional Learning of Nonnative Tonal Languages in Individuals With Congenital Amusia
  4. Audiovisual Mandarin Lexical Tone Perception in Quiet and Noisy Contexts: The Influence of Visual Cues and Speech Rate
  5. Musical Training Enhances Categorical Perception of Speech in Preschoolers: Training Duration and Musical Program Matter
  6. Individuals With Congenital Amusia Show Degraded Speech Perception but Preserved Statistical Learning for Tone Languages