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  1. Statistical Information Affects Spoken Word Recognition of Tone Languages in Stutterers: Evidence From an Auditory-Perceptual Gating Study
  2. Tone Deafness in Music Does Not Preclude Distributional Learning of Nonnative Tonal Languages in Individuals With Congenital Amusia
  3. The Effects of Training Variability and Pitch Aptitude on the Overnight Consolidation of Lexical Tones
  4. Impaired Categorical Perception of Speech Sounds Under the Backward Masking Condition in Adults Who Stutter
  5. The Perception of Lexical Tone and Intonation in Whispered Speech by Mandarin-Speaking Congenital Amusics
  6. Dissociation of tone merger and congenital amusia in Hong Kong Cantonese
  7. Predicting physical distancing in the context of COVID-19: A test of the extended parallel process model among Canadian adults.
  8. Talker Processing in Mandarin-Speaking Congenital Amusics
  9. The Effects of Acoustic Variation on the Perception of Lexical Tone in Cantonese-Speaking Congenital Amusics
  10. Context integration deficit in tone perception in Cantonese speakers with congenital amusia