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  1. Fictionalism and Logical Difficulties in the Differentiation of Artificial and Natural Types of Intelligence
  2. Scientific Ethos and Foundations of Conscious Activity
  3. On the Russian Distance Education
  4. Ancient Heritage and Traslations by Zhukovsky
  5. Heidegger and Aristotelian Interpretation of Time
  6. Wittgenstein Studies and Contemporary Pyrrhonism
  7. Expression of Private Experiences and Structure of Psyche
  8. Russian agon and the quest for theoretical sociology
  9. Russian way to the knowledge-based society
  10. Language and Thinking in Wittgenstein
  11. Non-anthropogenic mind and complexes of cultural codes
  12. Philosophical Fictionalism, Artificial Intelligence and their Connections
  13. Information channels, images of science and phenomenology
  14. Antique Legacy, Science and Education
  15. Time, Human and Nature
  16. Images оf Science and Historical Task оf Phenomenology
  17. Phenomenology, Philosophical Images of Science and their Transformations