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  1. Three-dimensional weft-knitted textile fabrics-based capacitors
  2. Characterization of Thermochromic Fibers’ Response to Temperature Change
  3. Performance Evaluation of a Communication Protocol for Vital Signs Sensors Used for the Monitoring of Athletes
  4. Sedimentation behaviour in electrorheological fluids based on suspensions of zeolite particles in silicone oil
  5. Macromechanical modelling of woven fabrics
  6. Advances in Modern Woven Fabrics Technology
  7. Mechanical Analysis of Woven Fabrics:The State of the Art
  8. Artificial Neural Networks and Their Applications in the Engineering of Fabrics
  9. Mechanical modelling of multifilament twisted yarns
  10. Mechanical simulation of the plain weft knitted fabrics
  11. Prediction of the air permeability of woven fabrics using neural networks
  12. Optimization Aspects on the Hand of the Fabrics
  13. Contact mechanics in two‐dimensional finite element modelling of fabrics
  14. Structural characterization of textile fabrics using surface roughness data
  15. On the performance of the geometrical models of fabrics for use in computational mechanical analysis