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  1. Effect of Weaving Pattern and Yarn Density on the Surface Roughness of Woven Fabrics
  2. Electrical connection issues on wearable electronics
  3. Stress relaxation of three-dimensional warp-knitted fabrics in compression
  4. Piezoelectric Melt-Spun Textile Fibers: Technological Overview
  5. Piezoelectricity - Organic and Inorganic Materials and Applications
  6. Piezoelectric textile fibres for wearable energy harvesting systems
  7. Optimum Operating Conditions for PZT Actuators for Vibrotactile Wearables
  8. Three-dimensional weft-knitted textile fabrics-based capacitors
  9. Energy Harvesting Smart Textiles
  10. Investigation of the durability and stability of piezoelectric textile fibres
  11. On the Measurement of the Electrical Power Produced by Melt Spun Piezoelectric Textile Fibres