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  1. The Spread of Digital Intimate Partner Violence: Ethical Challenges for Business, Workplaces, Employers and Management
  2. Image-Based Sexual Abuse: Online Gender-Sexual Violations
  3. Situating digital gender-sexual violations
  4. Some further forms of digital gender-sexual violations
  5. Introduction
  6. Afterword
  7. Revenge pornography
  8. Upskirting, homosociality, and craftmanship
  9. From physical violence to online violation: Forms, structures and effects: A comparison of the cases of ‘domestic violence’ and ‘revenge pornography’
  10. Men Talking, Writing, and Imaging Violence against Women: (Dis)continuities Offline and Online
  11. “Upskirting,” Homosociality, and Craftmanship: A Thematic Analysis of Perpetrator and Viewer Interactions
  12. Chemically Modified Minds
  13. Afterword
  14. Being Limitless: A Discursive Analysis of Online Accounts of Modafinil Use
  15. Introduction
  16. ‘This is my cheating ex’: Gender and sexuality in revenge porn
  17. Revenge pornography and manhood acts: a discourse analysis of perpetrators’ accounts
  18. Research considerations when investigating psychological factors and health-related issues in online contexts
  19. ‘I’ve got a very dichotomous difference in the way that I perceive myself’: Positive and negative constructions of body image following cancer treatment
  20. Online interactions
  21. Responses
  22. Introduction
  23. Future interventions
  24. Discussion
  25. Revenge Pornography
  26. A discursive approach to revenge porn
  27. Situating revenge porn
  28. Mapping the terrain
  29. ‘…Cheater! liar! thief!’
  30. ‘She took my kids, ruined my life’
  31. ‘Just wants to use you for sex’
  32. Marginalized Masculinities: Contexts, Continuities and Change
  33. Exploring aging masculinities: the body, sexuality and social lives
  34. Disability, discourse and desire: Analyzing online talk by people with disabilities
  35. The man problem: destructive masculinity in Western culture
  36. Bodybuilders’ accounts of synthol use: The construction of lay expertise online
  37. Introduction
  38. Bodybuilders’ Accounts of Synthol Use: The Construction of Lay Expertise
  39. Introduction
  40. Chemically Modified Bodies
  41. ‘When there’s no underbrush the tree looks taller’: A discourse analysis of men’s online groin shaving talk
  42. Understanding families over time
  43. ‘It is safe to use if you are healthy’: A discursive analysis of men’s online accounts of ephedrine use
  44. Metrosexual Masculinities through the Lens of Discursive Approaches
  45. Masculinities: Before and After
  46. Metrosexual Masculinities
  47. The Final Frontier: Endorsing Cosmetics
  48. Who Am I?: Mapping Boundaries
  49. Look More Chiselled: Masculinity and Cosmetics
  50. Square Peg in a Round Hole: Locating Metrosexuality
  51. What Does It All Mean?
  52. The moral panics of sexuality Breanne Fahs, Mary L Dudy and Sarah Stage (eds.)
  53. Working with Risk: Skills for Contemporary Social Work
  54. Straight Guys Do Wear Make-Up: Contemporary Masculinities and Investment in Appearance
  55. Purity, presumed displeasure and piety in the ‘big three’: a critical analysis of magazine discourse on young women's sexuality
  56. Stake Management in Men's Online Cosmetics Testimonials
  57. "I'm METRO, NOT Gay!": A Discursive Analysis of Men's Accounts of Makeup Use on YouTube
  58. Momin Rahman and Stevi Jackson, Gender and sexuality: Sociological approaches
  59. On-line constructions of metrosexuality and masculinities: A membership categorization analysis
  60. Magazine and reader constructions of ‘metrosexuality’ and masculinity: a membership categorisation analysis
  61. Masculinities
  62. Metrosexual Masculinities through the Lens of Discursive Approaches
  63. Introduction
  64. Body Image
  65. Who Am I?
  66. Look More Chiselled
  67. Square Peg in a Round Hole
  68. The Final Frontier
  69. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
  70. I Cyber Surf Therefore I Am
  71. It’s What Women Want
  72. What Does It All Mean?
  73. It’s for Serious Men
  74. Straight Guys Do Wear Make-Up