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  1. An Efficient System for Finding Relevant Information from Internal Company Documents and Websites
  2. Detecting and classifying threats in tweets
  3. Improving AdaGrad Algorithms via Cosine Annealing: Data Distribution Analysis
  4. Explaining how easily deep learning models misjudge images
  5. Efficacy of Combining Neural Networks and Symbolic Reasoning for Common Sense Reasoning
  6. Selection of Key Sentences to Enhance the Effectiveness of Text Summarization
  7. Recognizing and Extracting Tabular Data from Scanned Documents
  8. Omniscient: An Automatic Question Answering System
  9. User Application Based Network Service
  10. Evaluating Gender Bias in Hindi-English Machine Translation
  11. Recognition of institute names and degrees in a CV with minimum tagging using AI
  12. Multiclass Queueing Network Modeling and Traffic Flow Analysis for SDN-Enabled Mobile Core Networks With Network Slicing
  13. Out of the Closet
  14. Automated Stock Price Forecasting for The Near Future
  15. Improving learning in hearing-impaired children through artificial intelligence
  16. Symmetric key-based authenticated encryption protocol
  17. Meta-Learner with Sparsified Backpropagation
  18. IoT Based Driving Risk Assessment and Warning System
  19. Performance Analysis of Out-Band OpenFlow Switch Architecture: The Single Node Case
  20. A meta data mining framework for botnet analysis
  21. Face Detection and Tagging Using Deep Learning
  22. Chroot Hardening Through System Calls Modification
  23. Chatbot for university related FAQs
  24. Extracting quality relations from categorical data using modified qube algorithm
  25. Fitness function to find game equilibria using genetic algorithms
  26. Multi-modality face recognition: An information theoretic approach
  27. Neural network approach for vision-based track navigation using low-powered computers on mavs
  28. Word based thematic game on Indian mythology
  29. Safe buzz: adaptive security for multi-agents through situational awareness
  30. Safe buzz: adaptive security for multi-agents through situational awareness
  31. Context based interesting tweet recommendation framework
  32. Intelligence analysis of Tay Twitter bot
  33. Path independent real time points of interest detection in road networks
  34. Detection of fake Twitter followers using graph centrality measures
  35. Identification of causal relationships among clinical variables for cancer diagnosis using multi-tenancy
  36. Identification of gene network motifs for cancer disease diagnosis
  37. Mutual fund performance prediction
  38. Unemployment rates forecasting using supervised neural networks
  39. Image sentiment analysis using deep convolutional neural networks with domain specific fine tuning
  40. Natural language image descriptor
  41. Anti-scraping application development
  42. Is That Twitter Hashtag Worth Reading
  43. Is Stack Overflow Overflowing With Questions and Tags
  44. Smart card based password authentication and user anonymity scheme using ECC and steganography
  45. Differential private random forest
  46. Towards a generic framework for short term firm-specific stock forecasting
  47. Threat Analysis and malicious user detection in reputation systems using Mean Bisector Analysis and Cosine Similarity (MBACS)
  48. Detection of User Cluster with Suspicious Activity in Online Social Networking Sites
  49. Contextual information based recommender system using Singular Value Decomposition
  50. Detection and filtering of collaborative malicious users in reputation system using quality repository approach
  51. Alert-BDI: BDI model with adaptive alertness through situational awareness
  52. Optimal Neural Network Architecture for Stock Market Forecasting
  53. Stock Market Prediction Accuracy Analysis Using Kappa Measure
  54. Aware-BDI: An Extension of the BDI Model Incorporating Situational Awareness
  55. Ownership authentication transfer protocol for ubiquitous computing devices
  56. Model Checking Zero Knowledge System
  57. Enhanced mining association rule algorithm with reduced time & space complexity
  58. Modelling and Verification of Extensible Authentication Protocol Using Spin Model Checker
  59. Web opinion mining for social networking sites
  60. Decoding robustness performance comparison for QR and data matrix code
  61. Modeling & verification of Sliding Window Protocol with data loss and intruder detection using NuSMV
  62. Formal verification of the Extensible Authentication Protocol using SPIN
  63. Design and development of a desktop monitoring system
  64. Modeling two way concurrent buffer system using timed automata in UPPAAL
  65. Erroneous state detection in piecewise FIFO system
  66. Differentiated QoS with Modified C/I based scheduling algorithm
  67. Modeling and Verification of Agent based Adaptive Traffic Signal using Symbolic Model Verifier
  68. Privacy preserving and ownership authentication in ubiquitous computing devices using secure three way authentication
  69. Symbolic verification of web crawler functionality and its properties
  70. Modeling and Verification of Fiat-Shamir Zero Knowledge Authentication Protocol
  71. Cloud Based Application Development for Accessing Restaurant Information on Mobile Device using LBS
  72. Is OAuth flawless?
  73. Modeling and Verification of Kerberos Protocol Using Symbolic Model Verifier
  74. Symbolic Verification of a Strength Based Multi-Agent Argumentation Scheme
  75. Modeling and Verification of Inter Realm Authentication in Kerberos Using Symbolic Model Verifier
  76. Logical Modeling and Verification of a Strength Based Multi-agent Argumentation Scheme Using NuSMV
  77. Modeling and Verification of Server Aided Verification Protocol Using NuSMV
  78. Modeling and Verification of Chess Game Using NuSMV
  79. Cloud Based Application Development for Mobile Devices for Accessing LBS
  80. Physical Layer Authentication in Wired and Wireless Communication Systems
  81. Modeling freshness concept to overcome Replay attack in Kerberos protocol using NuSMV
  82. Protecting location privacy in Augmented Reality using k-anonymization and pseudo-id
  83. Model checking message exchange in Location Based Services
  84. Securing location privacy in Augmented Reality
  85. Exact schedulability analysis of global multi-processor IUF scheduling using symbolic model checking
  86. A generalized closed form relation for BER of QPSK/M-QAM over fading channel