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  1. Working memory development from early childhood to adolescence using two nationally representative samples.
  2. Strategies, recommendations, and validation of remote executive function tasks for use with young children
  3. Executive functions and science achievement during the five-to-seven-year shift.
  4. Preschool executive function and adult outcomes: A developmental cascade model.
  5. Reciprocal associations between executive function and academic achievement: A conceptual replication of Schmitt et al. (2017)
  6. Cognition in context: Validating group-based executive function assessments in young children
  7. The Effects of Kindergarten and First Grade Schooling on Executive Function and Academic Skill Development: Evidence From a School Cutoff Design
  8. Pathways from socioeconomic status to early academic achievement: The role of specific executive functions
  9. How Stable Is Early Academic Performance? Using Cluster Analysis to Classify Low Achievement and EF
  10. Executive function and academic achievement: Relations from early child to adolescence.
  11. Discrimination-Related Stress Effects on the Development of Internalizing Symptoms Among Latino Adolescents