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  1. Does religiosity affect behavior at work? Exploring the influence of abusive supervision on revenge
  2. Caring for those in your charge
  3. Interpersonal aggression and Cyberbullying: the role of ICTs
  4. How, why and when overqualification improves innovative behahavior?
  5. Managing workplace stressors by promoting distributive and procedural justice
  6. Managing bullying in the workplace: a model of servant leadership, employee resilience and proactive personality
  7. Customers’ mistreatment and counterproductive work behaviour in coffee cafes
  8. The role of leadership in promoting pro-environmental work behaviour
  9. What is the meaning of leading ethically across cultures?
  10. The nexus of corporate social responsibility (CSR), affective commitment and organisational citizenship behaviour in academia
  11. Leading well is not enough
  12. Zooming in on the workplace bullying and turnover intentions pathway
  13. How ethical leadership stimulates academics’ retention in universities
  14. Can ethical leadership inhibit workplace bullying across East and West: Exploring cross-cultural interactional justice as a mediating mechanism
  15. Understanding the lived experience of bullying in Australian workplaces: An interpretative phenomenological analysis
  16. Academics’ perceptions of bullying at work: insights from Pakistan
  17. Bankers’ Perception towards Bai Salam Method for Agriculture Financing in Pakistan
  18. Bankers’ perception towards Bai Salam method for agriculture financing in Pakistan
  19. The Quran and Poverty Alleviation
  20. Determinants of SMEs' perceptions of electronic banking in Pakistan
  21. Analysis of Workplace Surveillance in a Quest for an Ethical Stance