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  1. Effects of emotionally oriented parental interventions: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  2. Emotion‐focused skills training for parents with anxious children. A pilot study
  3. De therapeutische alliantie als voorspeller van vooruitgang in relatietherapie
  4. Addressing the construct validity of the “individual problems and strengths” scale
  5. Bayes factor benefits for clinical psychology: review of child and adolescent evidence base
  6. Å bli familieterapeut: En kvalitativ studie av videoveiledning i familieterapiutdanning
  7. Same-sex Marriage Over 26 Years: Marriage and Divorce Trends in Rural and Urban Norway
  8. Editorial perspective: Bayesian statistical methods are useful for researchers in child and adolescent mental health
  9. Effectiveness of emotion focused skills training for parents: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial in specialist mental health care
  10. Prospective marriage and divorce data on Norwegian cohorts of two-sex marriages from 1886 until 2018
  11. Efficacy of Emotion-Focused Parenting Programs for Children’s Internalizing and Externalizing Symptoms: A Randomized Clinical Study
  12. Bayes factor benefits for clinical psychology: review of child and adolescent evidence base
  13. Understanding Divorce Trends and Risks
  14. Data on the individual problems and strengths scale from the systemic therapy inventory of change. Clinical samples from Norway
  15. Cohort data on divorce among first, second and higher order marriages in Norway 1981 until 2013
  16. Alliance predicting progress in couple therapy
  17. Predicting change through individual symptoms and relationship distress: A study of within‐ and between‐person processes in couple therapy
  18. Anne Hilde Vassbø Hagen , Bente Austbø , Vanja Hjelmseth , Joanne Dolhanty: Emosjonsfokusert ferdighetstrening for foreldre
  19. Physical Violence among couples and families seeking therapy
  20. Change in Work Functioning after couple and family therapy
  21. Feedback in Couple and Family Therapy: A Randomized Clinical Trial
  22. First, second and higher-order marriages
  23. Does every other marriage end in divorce? All Norwegian marriages from 1886 until 2013
  24. Med blikk på oss selv
  25. Sissel Gran: Det er slutt
  26. Kenneth Gergen: An invitation to social construction (3rd edition)