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  1. Home and School Literacy Experiences in Preschool-Age Children With Developmental Disabilities: Identifying Relationships Between Speech, Language, and Early Literacy Skills
  2. Profiles of Children With Cortical Visual Impairment Who Use Augmentative and Alternative Communication: A Retrospective Examination
  3. Spoken Vocabulary Outcomes of Toddlers With Developmental Delay After Parent-Implemented Augmented Language Intervention
  4. Language Differentiation Using Augmentative and Alternative Communication: An Investigation of Spanish–English Bilingual Children With and Without Language Impairments
  5. Visual-graphic symbol acquisition in school age children with developmental and language delays
  6. The complexities of AAC intervention research: emerging trends to consider
  7. Language Assessment for Children With a Range of Neurodevelopmental Disorders Across Four Languages in South Africa
  8. The Relationship Between Speech, Language, and Phonological Awareness in Preschool-Age Children With Developmental Disabilities
  9. Comparing the Effects of Speech-Generating Device Display Organization on Symbol Comprehension and Use by Three Children With Developmental Delays
  10. Language ☆
  11. Parent Perceptions of the Language Development of Toddlers With Developmental Delays Before and After Participation in Parent-Coached Language Interventions
  12. Augmented Language Intervention and the Emergence of Symbol-Infused Joint Engagement
  13. Expanding Our Understanding of AAC in Hong Kong