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  1. Describing the spoken language skills of typically developing Afrikaans-speaking children using LSA
  2. Development and Utility of an International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health Code Set for Younger-Old Adults With Fall Risk: Implications for Audiologists
  3. A Systematic Review of Ethics Knowledge in Audiology Literature: A Follow-Up Study (2011–2020)
  4. Using Nominal Group Technique to Identify Key Ethical Concerns Regarding Hearing Aids With Machine Learning
  5. Content validity and usefulness of Picture My Participation for measuring participation in children with and without intellectual disability in South Africa and Sweden
  6. Language Assessment for Children With a Range of Neurodevelopmental Disorders Across Four Languages in South Africa
  7. Inclusive education policy provision in South African research universities
  8. Message banking: Perceptions of persons with motor neuron disease, significant others and clinicians
  9. The awareness of primary caregivers in South Africa of the human rights of their children with intellectual disabilities
  10. Critical evaluation of primary research on the moral codes in audiology