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  1. Ethics assessment in research proposals adopting CRISPR technology
  2. Ethics and robotics
  3. Achieving consensus in research ethics across the social sciences
  4. The outcome of a series of symposia led by experts in the UK Academy of Social Sciences.
  5. The ‘Ethics Rupture’ and the New Brunswick Declaration
  6. Gaining consensus in research ethics in the social sciences
  7. Dealing with vascular dementia.
  8. Editorial
  9. Artist and research participant
  10. Editor's epilogue
  11. Editorial
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  16. Ethical decision making in qualitative research
  17. Research Ethics and Integrity in Social Science
  18. Research Ethics in Social Science
  19. Disseminating Findings
  20. Sustaining Ethical Awareness
  21. Dealing with Vulnerability
  22. Monitoring Safety
  23. Minimising Harm, Maximising Benefit
  24. Research Rationale — Justifiable Interventions
  25. Research Quality and Design
  26. Researcher Identification — Professional Integrity and Track Record
  27. Selecting, Recruiting, Retaining and Releasing Participants
  28. Strategies for Maintaining Privacy and Confidentiality
  29. Giving Information and Seeking Consent
  30. Systems of Ethical Approval and Formal Ethical Scrutiny
  31. The Problem of Ethical Decision-Making in Social Research
  32. Involving Subjects in Research: The Public, Participants, Service Users and Carer Groups
  33. Editorial
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  40. Understanding the meaning of chronic pain
  41. Editorial
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  43. Social comparison and body image in adolescence: a grounded theory approach
  44. Computer-assisted software transcription of qualitative interviews
  45. Editorial
  46. Book Reviews
  47. Accepting Pain Management or Seeking Pain Cure: An Exploration of Patients’ Attitudes to Chronic Pain
  48. Profile of secondary care attendees with identified alcohol misuse problems
  49. Editorial
  50. Ways in which nurses can use psychoneuroimmunology to improve the health and welfare of patients.
  51. Editorial
  52. Issues in phenomenological nursing research: the combined use of pain diaries and interviewing
  53. Editorial
  54. Editorial
  55. Developing the profession of radiography: Making use of oral history
  56. Being believed about reported pain
  57. Editorial
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  59. Editorial
  60. Editorial
  61. Editorial
  62. Parental substance misuse and its effect on children
  63. Primary care assessment of hazardous and harmful drinkers: a literature review
  64. Editorial
  65. The triangular treatment paradigm in dual-diagnosis clients with a mental illness
  66. Editorial
  67. An integrated care pathway for the problem drinker in the community
  68. The triangular treatment paradigm in dual‐diagnosis clients with a mental illness
  69. Factors influencing public health and the health of individuals.
  70. Editorial
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  72. Editorial
  73. Laptops and Learning: Evaluating Advances in Nurse Education
  74. Editorial
  75. Editorial
  76. Editorial
  77. Editorial
  78. Design issues in hypnotherapeutic research
  79. Editorial
  80. Editorial
  81. Sociology in Practice for Health Care Professionals
  82. Controlling Conditions
  83. The Costs of ‘Free’ Time
  84. Common and Uncommon Cultures
  85. Modelling Health Care Sociologically
  86. The Power to Care
  87. Inherited Health
  88. Healthy Learning
  89. Working for Health
  90. Equal and Unequal Opportunities
  91. Natural Carers: Sex and Gender
  92. Welfare, Ill-fare, How Fair?
  93. The Nature of Sociology: Explanations and Applications
  94. Beliefs, Moralities and Ideologies of Care
  95. The Basis of Informal Care: Families and Households
  96. Learning to Care: A Lifetime of Socialisation
  97. Professional Empowerment and Teaching Sociology to Health Care Professionals
  98. Stigma and petit mal epilepsy
  99. Stages of Identity: A Study of Actors
  100. Reading Althusser: An Essay on Structural Marxism
  101. book review