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  1. Sustainable entrepreneurship impact and entrepreneurial venture life cycle: A systematic literature review
  2. Responsible innovation and ethical corporate behavior in the Asian fashion industry: A systematic literature review and avenues ahead
  3. Followership behavior and corporate social responsibility disclosure: Analysis and implications for sustainability research
  4. The internationalization of Australian innovative small‐to‐medium enterprises utilizing wholly foreign‐owned entities in China
  5. E-Commerce and SME Performance: The Moderating Influence of Entrepreneurial Competencies
  6. The transition towards circular economy and waste within accounting and accountability models: a systematic literature review and conceptual framework
  7. Data intelligence and analytics: A bibliometric analysis of human–Artificial intelligence in public sector decision-making effectiveness
  8. Benchmarking Performance of Document Level Classification and Topic Modeling
  9. Deep Image Restoration Model: A Defense Method Against Adversarial Attacks
  10. Digital Technologies for Sustainable Waste Management On-Board Ships: An Analysis of Best Practices From the Cruise Industry
  11. COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on Students Intention to Use E-Learning Among Malaysian Higher Education Institutions
  12. Co-creative service design for online businesses in post-COVID-19
  13. Antecedents of customer loyalty and performance improvement: Evidence from Pakistan's telecommunications sector
  14. Digitalization and new technologies for sustainable business models at the ship–port interface: a bibliometric analysis
  15. Framing Twitter Public Sentiment on Nigerian Government COVID-19 Palliatives Distribution Using Machine Learning
  16. The Long-Run Impact of Information Security Breach Announcements on Investors’ Confidence: The Context of Efficient Market Hypothesis
  17. Socio-Economic Factors On Sector-Wide Systematic Risk Of Information Security Breaches: Conceptual Framework
  18. Organizational and Environmental Factors with the Mediating Role of E-Commerce and SME Performance
  19. Artificial intelligence and business models in the sustainable development goals perspective: A systematic literature review
  20. Digital Innovation and Disruptive Technologies in the "Intellectual Capital (IC) and Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) Disclosure": a Bibliometric Analysis
  21. Effects of COVID-19 in E-learning on higher education institution students: the group comparison between male and female
  22. Human resources disclosure in the EU Directive 2014/95/EU perspective: A systematic literature review
  24. Intellectual capital and sustainable development: a systematic literature review
  26. Sustainable Business Practices and Firm’s Financial Performance in Islamic Banking: Under the Moderating Role of Islamic Corporate Governance
  27. The Good and Bad News about the New Liquidity Rules of Basel III in Islamic Banking of Malaysia
  28. Ethical Branding in Franchising
  29. Exploring the effects of corporate governance and human governance on management commentary disclosure
  30. Bridging and bonding: having a Muslim diversity on corporate boards and firm performance
  31. Contextualizing comprehensive board diversity and firm financial performance: Integrating market, management and shareholder’s perspective
  32. Government subsidy, strategic profitability and its impact on financial performance: empirical evidence from Indonesia
  33. Does Corporate Diversity Really Matter in the Plantation Sector? Empirical Evidence from a World Islamic Leading Country and Market Reaction
  34. Diversity on Corporate Boards and Firm Performance: An Empirical Evidence from Malaysia
  35. Demographic diversity and firm value: A review on large companies using panel data approach
  36. Corporate Governance Effect on Ownership and Control in Firms: An Empirical Evidence from Pakistan
  37. Ethnic Diversity on Boards and Market Performance: An Empirical Investigation in Malaysia
  38. Multi-Facet Trust Model for Online Social Network Environment
  39. RFID-enabled supply chain detection using clustering algorithms
  40. User-Centric Personalized Multifacet Model Trust in Online Social Network
  41. SQL injections attack and session hijacking on e-learning systems