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    Shiver Me Tinders and Ring a Ding for a Fling—Sex Tech Use during COVID-19: Findings from a UK Study
    Dr Robin A Hadley
  2. Article
    The life long impact of unwanted male childlessness
    Dr Robin A Hadley
  3. Article
    A mature student's experience of completing a PhD.
    Dr Robin A Hadley
  4. Article
    The experiences of men who wanted to be a dad but did not become one. Links to JSTOR.
    Dr Robin A Hadley
  5. Article
    The impact of not being a dad on men's lives.
    Dr Robin A Hadley
  6. Article
    Games for health & mHealth apps for police & blue light personnel: A research review
    Dr Robin A Hadley
  7. Article
    The dynamics in interviews between men when they discuss a sensitive topic
    Dr Robin A Hadley
  8. Article
    A review of academic papers that examine fertility and menstruation applications
    Dr Robin A HadleyDr Duncan Banks
  9. Article
    A literature review of the use of mobile heart monitoring devices re: palpitations and arrhythmia.
  10. Article
    How not being a dad impacts on older men's social networks.
    Dr Robin A Hadley
  11. Article
    The impact of childlessness on men who wanted to be a dad.
    Dr Robin A Hadley
  12. Article
    The lives of men who wanted to be a father or grandfather but didn't become one.
    Dr Robin A Hadley
  13. Article
    What information is there on men's experience of infant feeding.
    Dr Robin A Hadley
  14. Article
    Review of the book 'Reconceiving the second sex: men, masculinity, and reproduction'
    Dr Robin A Hadley
  15. Article
    Men and their wish to be a Dad
    Dr Robin A HadleyDr Terry Hanley