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  1. Gastrointestinal digestion fates of lipids based on pH-stat and Caco-2 cells models
  2. One positive part of copper ion on biocatalysts
  3. Fabrication of Biofunctionalized Protease-Based Composite Membranes and Efficient Biodegradation
  4. Molecular modification and biotechnological applications of microbial aspartic proteases
  5. Advances in the One-Step Approach of Polymeric Materials Using Enzymatic Techniques
  6. More efficient barley malting under catalyst
  7. Insight into the silkworm pupae
  8. Mulberry drought stress induces novel long noncoding RNAs
  9. Mulberry fruit post-harvest management
  10. Microfluidic interfacial catalysis of xylanase-polymer conjugates