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  1. Fabrication of Biofunctionalized Protease-Based Chitosan/Collagen Composite Membranes and Efficient Biodegradation Using Recombinant Aspergillus Fumigatus
  2. Molecular modification and biotechnological applications of microbial aspartic proteases
  3. ATAC‐seq exposes differences in chromatin accessibility leading to distinct leaf shapes in mulberry
  4. Mulberry drought stress induces novel long noncoding RNAs
  5. Functional Characterization of MaZIP4, a Gene Regulating Copper Stress Tolerance in Mulberry (Morus atropurpurea R.)
  6. DNA Methylation Changes and Its Associated Genes in Mulberry (Morus alba L.) Yu-711 Response to Drought Stress Using MethylRAD Sequencing
  7. Rapid Identification of Salmo salar Using a Combined Isothermal Recombinase Polymerase Amplification–Lateral Flow Strip Approach
  8. Metabolomics Response to Drought Stress in Morus alba L. Variety Yu-711
  9. Metabolomics Response to Drought Stress in Morus alba L. variety Yu-711
  10. Molecular Cloning and Abiotic Stress Expression Analysis of GTPase Era Gene in Mulberry (Morus alba L.)
  11. Transcriptome profiling reveals candidate genes associated with cold stress in mulberry
  12. Cloning and abiotic stress expression analysis of galactose-binding lectin (GBL) gene from mulberry and its prokaryotic expression in E. coli