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  1. A preliminary evaluation of a client-centred prompting tool for supporting everyday activities in individuals with mild to moderate levels of cognitive impairment due to dementia
  2. The experience of using prompting technology from the perspective of people with Dementia and their primary carers
  3. A qualitative study on conveyance decision-making during emergency call outs to people with dementia: the HOMEWARD project
  4. What are the barriers to accessing psychological therapy in Qatar: A concept mapping study
  5. The recall of dementia-related and neutral words by people with dementia: The ironic process of thought suppression
  6. A grounded theory analysis of the experiences of carers for people living with dementia from three BAME communities: Balancing the need for support against fears of being diminished
  7. Psychological and Mnemonic Benefits of Nostalgia for People with Dementia
  8. How do people with dementia use the ambulance service? A retrospective study in England: the HOMEWARD project
  9. Selective forgetting of self-threatening statements: Mnemic neglect for dementia information in people with mild dementia
  10. Nostalgia as a psychological resource for people with dementia: a review of the evidence
  11. Carer and clinician perceptions of the use of emergency medical services by people with dementia: a qualitative study
  12. Re: An investigation of public attitudes towards dementia in Bristol and South Gloucestershire using an online version of the Approaches to Dementia Questionnaire
  13. Does personal experience of dementia change attitudes? The Bristol and South Gloucestershire survey of dementia attitudes
  14. Quality of family relationships and outcomes of dementia: a systematic review
  15. Feasibility study suggests no impact from protected engagement time on adverse events in mental health wards for older adults
  16. Protected engagement time on older adult mental health wards: A thematic analysis of the views of patients, carers, and staff
  17. Home or hospital for people with dementia and one or more other multimorbidities: What is the potential to reduce avoidable emergency admissions? The HOMEWARD Project Protocol
  18. Mnemic neglect and past memories in dementia
  19. Living well with dementia groups: changes in participant and therapist verbal behaviour
  20. Individual and group psychotherapy with people diagnosed with dementia: a systematic review of the literature
  21. The Bristol online survey of dementia attitudes
  22. Quality of relationships as predictors of outcomes in people with dementia: a systematic review protocol
  23. The paradox of dementia: Changes in assimilation after receiving a diagnosis of dementia
  24. A feasibility study of translating “Living Well with Dementia” groups into a Primary Care Improving Access to Psychological Therapy service (innovative practice)
  25. A feasibility study comparing UK older adult mental health inpatient wards which use protected engagement time with other wards which do not: study protocol
  26. Psychotherapy Interventions with People Affected by Dementia
  27. Dementia as an Existential Threat: The Importance of Self-Esteem, Social Connectedness and Meaning in Life
  28. The role of the fear-of-loss-of-control marker within the accounts of people affected by dementia about their illness: implications for psychotherapy
  29. The assessment of dementia in primary care
  30. Markers of assimilation of problematic experiences in dementia within the LivDem project
  31. Protocol for a randomised controlled trial for Reducing Arthritis Fatigue by clinical Teams (RAFT) using cognitive–behavioural approaches
  32. Training on dementia for emergency ambulance staff: research agenda and opportunities
  33. Personal message cards: An evaluation of an alternative method of delivering simulated presence therapy
  34. Making sense of dementia: Exploring the use of the Markers of Assimilation of Problematic Experiences in Dementia scale to understand how couples process a diagnosis of dementia
  35. Primary care-led dementia diagnosis services in South Gloucestershire: Themes from people and families living with dementia and health care professionals
  36. An evaluation of primary care led dementia diagnostic services in Bristol
  37. A pilot randomised controlled trial to compare changes in quality of life for participants with early diagnosis dementia who attend a ‘Living Well with Dementia’ group compared to waiting-list control
  38. LIVing well with DEMentia groups in primary care
  39. Attachment and coping of dementia care staff: The role of staff attachment style, geriatric nursing self-efficacy, and approaches to dementia in burnout
  40. A feasibility study to determine the potential for developing a pilot RCT to evaluate the effectiveness of a 10 week psychotherapy group for people with dementia in reducing levels of depression compared to a relaxation group
  41. An exploration into the relationships people with dementia have with physical objects: An ethnographic study
  42. A small-scale study comparing the impact of psycho-education and exploratory psychotherapy groups on newcomers to a group for people with dementia
  43. Simulated presence therapy, attachment and separation amongst people with dementia
  44. ‘Coming out’ with Alzheimer's disease: Changes in awareness during a psychotherapy group for people with dementia
  45. Group psychotherapy and people with dementia
  46. Group psychotherapy for people with dementia
  47. Remembering and forgetting
  48. Counselling people with dementia
  49. Using simulated presence therapy with people with dementia
  50. Mental health and identity: the evaluation of a drop-in centre
  51. ?Understanding dementia?the man with the worried eyes?, Richard Cheston and Michael Bender. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 1999, (no price listed). No. of pages: 320.
  52. Involving people who have dementia in the evaluation of services: A review
  53. Brains, minds and selves: Changing conceptions of the losses involved in dementia
  54. Psychotherapeutic work with dementia sufferers
  55. Psychotherapeutic work with people with dementia: A review of the literature
  56. Inhabitants of a Lost Kingdom: A Model of the Subjective Experiences of Dementia
  57. The Accounts of Special Education Leavers