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  1. This is an accessible explainer of the prevalence research around sexual violence.
  2. Introduction
  3. Enablers
  4. Conclusions
  5. Hope – prevention
  6. Who does it happen to?
  7. What is it for?
  8. What is the harm?
  9. Hotspots – scope
  10. Are psychosocial interventions effective at increasing condom use among Black men? A systematic review
  11. Which psychosocial interventions improve sex worker well-being? A systematic review of evidence from resource-rich countries
  12. The effectiveness of interventions to improve psychosocial outcomes in parents of children with appearance‐affecting health conditions: A systematic review
  13. The effectiveness of psychosocial interventions to support psychological well-being in post-operative bariatric patients: A systematic review of evidence
  14. Systematic Review: Effectiveness of psychosocial interventions on wellbeing outcomes for adolescent or adult victim/survivors of recent rape or sexual assault
  15. What adaptions are effective to cognitive behavioural interventions for adults with long-term conditions and medically unexplained symptoms? A systematic review
  16. What psychosocial interventions work to reduce hospital admissions in people with diabetes and elevated HbA 1c : a systematic review of the evidence
  17. Therapeutic Writing for Disordered Eating: A Systematic Review
  18. The effectiveness of interventions aiming to promote positive body image in adults: A systematic review
  19. P254 Barriers to sexual assault disclosure within sexual health services: a mixed method/population study
  20. Effectiveness of behavioural interventions to reduce urinary tract infections and Escherichia coli bacteraemia for older adults across all care settings: a systematic review
  21. The effectiveness of health behavior change interventions in managing physical health in people with a psychotic illness: A systematic review
  22. Evidence-based patient/public voice: a patient and public involvement audit in the field of sexual health
  23. Exploring the way sexually explicit material informs sexual beliefs, understanding and practices of young men: A qualitative survey
  24. The effectiveness of physical activity interventions in improving well-being across office-based workplace settings: a systematic review
  25. Nostalgia as a psychological resource for people with dementia: a review of the evidence
  26. Contrasting Views of the Post-bariatric Surgery Experience between Patients and their Practitioners: a Qualitative Study
  27. Psychological Aspects of Bariatric Surgery as a Treatment for Obesity
  28. A systematic review of the effectiveness of universal health visitor-led child health clinics
  29. Psychosocial interventions for adults with neuromuscular disorders
  30. The effectiveness of bariatric surgery on long term psychosocial quality of life – A systematic review
  31. Assessing the possibilities and challenges of patient involvement in sexual, reproductive and HIV/AIDS services
  32. What is Good Qualitative Research?
  33. How does policy learn from pilots?
  34. Repeat use of contraceptive crisis services among adolescent women
  35. Evaluating the work of a community café in a town in the South East of England: reflections on methods, process and results
  36. A community youth service program that coupled community involvement with classroom health instruction reduced adolescent sexual risk-taking
  37. To test or not to test, could you repeat the question?