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  1. Interactive Effects of Temperament and Family-Related Environmental Confusion on Spoken Language in Children Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  2. Associations Between Paternal Play and Executive Function in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children
  3. Associations Between Parent Mental State Language and Child Inhibitory Control in Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  4. Family Environmental Dynamics Differentially Influence Spoken Language Development in Children With and Without Hearing Loss
  5. Parental behaviors relate to language and executive functioning of children with hearing loss
  6. Associations Between Parenting Stress, Language Comprehension, and Inhibitory Control in Children With Hearing Loss
  7. Sentence Context Facilitation for Children's and Adults' Recognition of Native- and Nonnative-Accented Speech
  8. The Effect of Remote Masking on the Reception of Speech by Young School-Age Children
  9. Children's Use of Semantic Context in Perception of Foreign-Accented Speech
  10. Preschoolers Benefit From Visually Salient Speech Cues
  11. Cognitive and Linguistic Sources of Variance in 2-Year-Olds' Speech-Sound Discrimination: A Preliminary Investigation
  12. Contribution of Family Environment to Pediatric Cochlear Implant Users' Speech and Language Outcomes: Some Preliminary Findings
  13. Enhancing Speech Discrimination Through Stimulus Repetition
  14. Assessing Multimodal Spoken Word-in-Sentence Recognition in Children With Normal Hearing and Children With Cochlear Implants