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  1. Numerical investigation on the use of Dimethyl Ether (DME) as an alternative fuel for compression-ignition engines
  2. Ignition detection with the breakdown voltage measurement during nanosecond repetitively pulsed discharges
  3. Using fully variable valve control for cylinder-individual reference tracking with emission-optimal internal exhaust gas recirculation
  4. CFD Modeling of a DME CI Engine in Late-PCCI Operating Conditions
  5. Development and Validation of a CFD Combustion Model for Natural Gas Engines Operating with Different Piston Bowls
  6. Ignition using non-equilibrium plasma compared to classical inductive systems
  7. Does the voltage rise rate influence the breakdown in a spark plug?
  8. VVT in combination with hybridization: how to size the components and what are the benefits?
  9. Comparison of Turbocharging and Pressure Wave Supercharging of a Natural Gas Engine for Light Commercial Trucks and Vans
  10. Increased Internal Combustion Engine Efficiency with Optimized Valve Timings in Extended Stroke Operation
  11. Practical Aspects of Cylinder Deactivation and Reactivation
  12. Hydrogen addition to methane leads to efficiency and emission benefits in prechamber engines
  13. How to use the flexibility of a variable valve train to enhance engine efficiency
  14. Highly efficient natural gas/biogas engine technology for cars
  15. Spark-induced breakdown spectroscopy for fuel-air equivalence ratio measurements at internal combustion engine-relevant conditions
  16. Control-oriented analysis of a lean-burn light-duty natural gas research engine with scavenged pre-chamber ignition
  17. Experimental comparison of efficiency and emission levels of four-cylinder lean-burn passenger car-sized CNG engines with different ignition concepts
  18. Spark-induced breakdown spectroscopy of methane/air and hydrogen-enriched methane/air mixtures at engine relevant conditions
  19. Performance evaluation of gasoline alternatives using a thermodynamic spark-ignition engine model
  20. Micro-thermal CMOS-based gas quality sensing for control of spark ignition engines
  21. Multi-Component Trace Gas Spectroscopy Using Dual-Wavelength Quantum Cascade Lasers
  22. Multiple Cycle LES Simulations of a Direct Injection Natural Gas Engine
  23. Simultaneous measurement of NO and NO_2 by dual-wavelength quantum cascade laser spectroscopy
  24. Effects of split port/direct injection of methane and hydrogen in a spark ignition engine
  25. Simultaneous Measurement of NO and NO2 using a Dual-Wavelength Quantum Cascade Laser
  26. Heavy duty vehicles: Impact on the environment and the path to green operation
  27. The cold start emissions of light-duty-vehicle fleets: A simplified physics-based model for the estimation of CO2 and pollutants
  28. The polytropic volume method to detect engine events based on the measured cylinder pressure
  29. Reducing the environmental impact of road and rail vehicles
  30. CO2 Reduction and Cost Efficiency Potential of Natural Gas Hybrid Passenger Cars
  31. Experimental investigation on different injection strategies in a heavy-duty diesel engine: Emissions and loss analysis
  32. Environmental footprint of road freight: Case studies from Switzerland
  33. Torque-Assist Hybrid Electric Powertrain Sizing: From Optimal Control Towards a Sizing Law
  34. Molecular hydrogen (H<sub>2</sub>) emissions and their isotopic signatures (H/D) from a motor vehicle: implications on atmospheric H<sub>2</sub>
  35. Comparison of natural gas driven heat pumps and electrically driven heat pumps with conventional systems for building heating purposes
  36. A Transmission-Actuated Energy-Management Strategy
  37. S.I. engine fuelled with gasoline, methane and methane/hydrogen blends: Heat release and loss analysis
  38. Experimental investigation of mineral diesel fuel, GTL fuel, RME and neat soybean and rapeseed oil combustion in a heavy duty on-road engine with exhaust gas aftertreatment
  39. Hydrogen–natural gas blends fuelling passenger car engines: Combustion, emissions and well-to-wheels assessment
  40. In situ measurements of the environmental footprint of freight vehicles in Switzerland
  41. Combustion Characteristics of Hydrogen-Natural Gas Mixtures in Passenger Car Engines
  42. Increase of passenger car engine efficiency with low engine-out emissions using hydrogen–natural gas mixtures: A thermodynamic analysis
  43. Regulated and nonregulated diesel and gasoline cold start emissions at different temperatures
  44. Towards accurate instantaneous emission models
  45. Clean Engine Vehicle A Natural Gas Driven Euro-4/SULEV with 30% Reduced CO2-Emissions
  46. Describing and compensating gas transport dynamics for accurate instantaneous emission measurement
  47. NO2/NO emissions of gasoline passenger cars and light-duty trucks with Euro-2 emission standard
  48. Performance simulations of engine-gearbox combinations for lightweight passenger cars
  49. Optimum SI Engine Based Powertrain Systems for Lightweight Passenger Cars