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  1. Ignition using non-equilibrium plasma compared to classical inductive systems
  2. Study on the ignitability of a high-pressure direct-injected methane jet using a diesel pilot, a glow-plug, and a pre-chamber
  3. Investigations on spark pre-chamber ignition and subsequent turbulent jet main chamber ignition in a novel optically accessible test rig
  4. Numerical investigation of the autoignition of underexpanded methane jets
  5. Experimental investigation of wall heat transfer due to spray combustion in a high-pressure/high-temperature vessel
  6. The effect of high-pressure injection variations on the mixing state of underexpanded methane jets
  7. An experimental study of a very high-pressure diesel injector (up to 5000 bar) by means of optical diagnostics
  8. An experimental study on the effects of needle dynamics on the penetration of a high-pressure methane jet
  9. Numerical investigation of the flow characteristics of underexpanded methane jets
  10. Numerical Investigation of Nozzle-Geometry Variations and Back-Pressure Changes on High Pressure Gas Injections under Application-Relevant Conditions
  11. A study on tip penetration velocity and radial expansion of reacting diesel sprays with different fuels
  12. Study of the auto-ignition phenomenon of PRFs under HCCI conditions in a RCEM by means of spectroscopy
  13. Soot Model Calibration Based on Laser Extinction Measurements
  14. Study of ignition delay time and generalization of auto-ignition for PRFs in a RCEM by means of natural chemiluminescence
  15. An experimental study of the effects of fuel properties on reactive spray evolution using Primary Reference Fuels
  16. Combustion Recession after End of Injection in Diesel Sprays