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  1. Internal Combustion Engine Heat Transfer and Wall Temperature Modeling: An Overview
  2. Analysis of the energy balance during World harmonized Light vehicles Test Cycle in warmed and cold conditions using a Virtual Engine
  3. New approach to study the heat transfer in internal combustion engines by 3D modelling
  4. A holistic methodology to correct heat transfer and bearing friction losses from hot turbocharger maps in order to obtain adiabatic efficiency of the turbomachinery
  5. Detailed heat transfer analysis of a diesel Engine with RCCI Combustion
  6. Impact of swirl on in-cylinder heat transfer in a light-duty diesel engine
  7. A study on the internal convection in small turbochargers. Proposal of heat transfer convective coefficients
  8. Experimental analysis of the global energy balance in a DI diesel engine
  9. Turbocharger heat transfer and mechanical losses influence in predicting engines performance by using one-dimensional simulation codes
  10. Dynamic Identification of Thermodynamic Parameters for Turbocharger Compressor Models
  11. Uncertainties in power computations in a turbocharger test bench
  12. Dynamic Identification of Thermodynamic Parameters for Turbocharger Compressor Models
  13. A new methodology for uncertainties characterization in combustion diagnosis and thermodynamic modelling
  14. Analysis and Methodology to Characterize Heat Transfer Phenomena in Automotive Turbochargers
  15. Impact of biodiesel fuel on cold starting of automotive direct injection diesel engines
  16. Heat transfer modeling in exhaust systems of high-performance two-stroke engines
  17. External heat losses in small turbochargers: Model and experiments
  18. Methodology to Characterize Heat Transfer Phenomena in Small Automotive Turbochargers: Experiments and Modelling Based Analysis
  19. Energy Balance During the Warm-Up of a Diesel Engine
  20. A New Tool to Perform Global Energy Balances in DI Diesel Engines
  21. Experiments on subcooled flow boiling in I.C. engine-like conditions at low flow velocities
  22. Findings from a fleet test on the performance of two engine oil formulations in automotive CNG engines
  23. Theoretical and experimental study of mechanical losses in automotive turbochargers
  24. Importance of Mechanical Losses Modeling in the Performance Prediction of Radial Turbochargers under Pulsating Flow Conditions
  25. Importance of Heat Transfer Phenomena in Small Turbochargers for Passenger Car Applications
  26. Determination of heat flows inside turbochargers by means of a one dimensional lumped model
  27. Monitoring and analysing oil condition to generate maintenance savings: a case study in a CNG engine powered urban transport fleet
  28. Experimental assessment for instantaneous temperature and heat flux measurements under Diesel motored engine conditions
  29. A complete 0D thermodynamic predictive model for direct injection diesel engines
  30. Adaptive determination of cut-off frequencies for filtering the in-cylinder pressure in diesel engines combustion analysis
  31. A Tool for Predicting the Thermal Performance of a Diesel Engine
  32. Experiments on the influence of intake conditions on local instantaneous heat flux in reciprocating internal combustion engines
  33. A Methodology for the Design of Engine Cooling Systems in Standalone Applications
  34. An experimental procedure to determine heat transfer properties of turbochargers
  35. A contribution to film coefficient estimation in piston cooling galleries
  36. Experimental Methodology to Characterize Mechanical Losses in Small Turbochargers
  37. Methodology of fault detection in internal combustion engines through the analysis of rolling block oscillation
  38. A contribution to the diagnosis of internal combustion engines through rolling block oscillations
  39. Assessment of the influence of different cooling system configurations on engine warm-up, emissions and fuel consumption
  40. Measurement of hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions during the starting of automotive DI Diesel engines
  41. A concise wall temperature model for DI Diesel engines
  42. Experiments on the influence of inlet charge and coolant temperature on performance and emissions of a DI Diesel engine
  43. Wear Rate Determination for IC Engine Condition Monitoring Results Obtained in an Urban Transport Fleet
  44. Analytical approach to wear rate determination for internal combustion engine condition monitoring based on oil analysis
  45. Results and benefits of an oil analysis programme for railway locomotive diesel engines