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  1. Integration of Geophysical Methods for Doline Hazard Assessment: A Case Study from Northern Oman
  2. Connectivity between aquifers: evidence from 87Sr/86Sr ratio and from stable isotopes case study of Oman
  3. Recharge Estimation of Hardrock-Alluvium Al-Fara Aquifer, Oman Using Multiple Methods
  4. Modern Recharge in a Transboundary Groundwater Basin Deduced from Hydrochemical and Isotopic Investigations: Al Buraimi, Oman
  5. Coupling isotopic and piezometric data to infer groundwater recharge mechanisms in arid areas: example of Samail Catchment, Oman
  6. Groundwater recharge estimation in arid hardrock-alluvium aquifers using combined water-table fluctuation and groundwater balance approaches
  7. Groundwater Modeling and Sustainability of a Transboundary Hardrock–Alluvium Aquifer in North Oman Mountains
  8. An efficient methodology to design optimal groundwater level monitoring network in Al-Buraimi region, Oman
  9. Interaction of surface water and groundwater in the Nile River basin: isotopic and piezometric evidence
  10. Hydro-chemical evolution of groundwater in a sequence of Tertiary Formations in Northwest Oman
  11. Factors affecting groundwater chemistry in regional arid basins of variable lithology: example of Wadi Umairy, Oman
  12. Groundwater recharge dams in arid areas as tools for aquifer replenishment and mitigating seawater intrusion: example of AlKhod, Oman
  13. Groundwater recharge in arid areas induced by tropical cyclones: lessons learned from Gonu 2007 in Sultanate of Oman
  14. Rate of seawater intrusion estimated by geophysical methods in an arid area: Al Khabourah, Oman
  15. Reply on the comment “Review of Groundwater modeling in semiarid Central Sudan: adequacy and long term abstraction (Abdalla 2009)” By R. Salama & A. Elamin (2009)
  16. Cyanide from gold mining and its effect on groundwater in arid areas, Yanqul mine of Oman
  17. Groundwater modeling in semiarid Central Sudan: adequacy and long-term abstraction
  18. Groundwater recharge/discharge in semi-arid regions interpreted from isotope and chloride concentrations in north White Nile Rift, Sudan
  19. Groundwater in North and Central Sudan