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  1. Complex Extreme Sea Levels Prediction Analysis: Karachi Coast Case Study
  2. Characterisation of the impact of dissolved organic matter on iron, manganese, and arsenic mobilisation during bank filtration
  3. Response of the interaction between surface water and groundwater to climate change and proposed megastructure
  4. Assessment of groundwater vulnerability for pollution using DRASTIC Index, young alluvial plain, Western Nile Delta, Egypt
  5. Precipitation Forecasting Using Multilayer Neural Network and Support Vector Machine Optimization Based on Flow Regime Algorithm Taking into Account Uncertainties of Soft Computing Models
  6. GIS-based numerical modeling for the groundwater assessment: a case study in the Quaternary aquifer, Assiut Governorate, Egypt
  7. Determination of Natural Radionuclides for Water Resources on the West Bank of the Nile River, Assiut Governorate, Egypt
  8. Investigating the impact of temperature and organic matter on the removal of selected organic micropollutants during bank filtration: A batch study
  9. Numerical modeling technique for groundwater management in Samalut city, Minia Governorate, Egypt
  10. The Fate of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) During Bank Filtration under Different Environmental Conditions: Batch and Column Studies
  11. A Hydrological and Geomorphometric Approach to Understanding the Generation of Wadi Flash Floods
  12. Interaction of surface water and groundwater in the Nile River basin: isotopic and piezometric evidence
  13. Groundwater management options in an arid environment: The Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System, Eastern Sahara
  14. Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Seawater Intrusion in Wadi Ham under Different Pumping Scenarios
  15. Three-dimensional groundwater flow modeling approach for the groundwater management options for the Dakhla oasis, Western Desert, Egypt
  16. Impacts of Seawater Rise on Seawater Intrusion in the Nile Delta Aquifer, Egypt
  17. Incorporating the concept of equivalent freshwater head in successive horizontal simulations of seawater intrusion in the Nile Delta aquifer, Egypt
  18. Areal Simulation of Seawater Intrusion in the Nile Delta Aquifer
  19. Modelling of paleo-saltwater intrusion in the northern part of the Nubian Aquifer System, Northeast Africa
  20. A GIS-based flow model for groundwater resources management in the development areas in the eastern Sahara, Africa
  21. A local-scale groundwater flow model for groundwater resources management in Dakhla Oasis, SW Egypt