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  1. Forming a clearer image of the ideal L2 self: the L2 Motivational Self System and learner autonomy in a Japanese EFL context
  2. Motivational strategies in EFL classrooms: how do teachers impact students' motivation?
  3. What can teachers do to motivate their students? A classroom research on motivational strategy use in the Japanese EFL context
  4. EFL students’ vocabulary learning in NS-NNS e-mail interactions: Do they learn new words by imitation?
  5. Examining the effectiveness of explicit instruction of vocabulary learning strategies with Japanese EFL university students
  6. Language learning strategies used by lower secondary school learners in a Japanese EFL context1
  7. Clarifying the differences in learning EFL reading strategies: An analysis of portfolios
  8. What can we learn from good foreign language learners? A qualitative study in the Japanese foreign language context