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  1. Regulations and Employees’ Commitment to Change: Does Emotional Intelligence Matter?
  2. Law in Motion or Passionate Observer on the Shelf? The Ghanaian Disaster Experience
  3. The Case for Paternity Leave in Ghana: Imperatives and Implications for Gender Parity
  4. The Blessings and Curses of Job Stress: Exploring the Job Stress – OCB/CWB Nexus Among Ghanaian Bankers
  5. Workplace and Sexual Harassment: Time to Take a Second Look at the Law?
  6. Occupational Health and Safety Dimensions and Work Outcomes in the Mental Hospitals in Ghana: The Moderating Effect of Job Satisfaction
  7. Transformational leadership, employee turnover intention, affective commitment
  8. Cross cultural competence and functional diversity, negotiations, shared values
  9. Occupational health and safety practices, Oil Fields in Ghana, Regulations
  10. Social justice, Ghana, developing countries
  11. Alternative job opportunity, transactional leadership, turnover intention, Ghana, Banking Industry
  12. An Empirical Study on the Entrepreneurial Environment of College Students of Science and Technology Demand Based on Life Cycle
  13. Transformational leadership, job opportunities, Ghana, employee turnover
  14. Is Traditional Banking Declining? An Empirical Analysis of Banks in Ghana
  15. Analysis of Non-Interest Income of Commercial Banks in Ghana
  16. Pension, Regulation, Ghana
  17. Gender equality, discrimination, women, Managment positions, Ghana
  18. Microfinance, regulation, financial NGOs, Ghana
  19. CSR, Ghana, Regulation
  20. Total reward, motivation, employees, Ghana
  21. Employment, Employee, Statutory rights, Ghana
  22. Law, human conduct, socialization, aim of law