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  1. Leader effectiveness – the missing link in the relationship between employee voice and engagement
  2. Transformational leadership with innovative behaviour
  3. Do entrepreneurs always benefit from business failure experience?
  4. Stress as a Mediator of Work-Family Conflict and Turnover Intention in Selected Savings and Loans Companies in Ghana
  5. Law in Motion or Passionate Observer on the Shelf? The Ghanaian Disaster Experience
  6. Occupational Health and Safety and Employee Engagement: Evidence from the SMEs Sector in Ghana
  7. The Case for Paternity Leave in Ghana: Imperatives and Implications for Gender Parity
  8. Linking transformational leadership to turnover intention in the public sector
  9. Occupational Health and Safety Dimensions and Work Outcomes in the Mental Hospitals in Ghana: The Moderating Effect of Job Satisfaction
  10. Transformational leadership, employee turnover intention, affective commitment
  11. Antecedents of employee job stress: Evidence from the insurance industry in Ghana
  12. Antecedents and consequence of employee turnover intention: Empirical evidence from Ghana
  13. Determinants of University Working-Students’ Financial Literacy at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana
  14. Relationship between human resource (HR) practices and perceived performance of psychiatry nurses in Ghana