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  1. Phenolic, tannin, antioxidant, color, and sensory attributes of Barhi date (Phoenix dactylifera ) fruit stored in modified atmosphere packages
  2. Effects of Gum Arabic Edible Coatings and Sun-Drying on the Storage Life and Quality of Raw and Blanched Tomato Slices
  3. Recent Trends in the Formulation of Gluten-Free Sorghum Products
  4. Effect of Argel (Solenostemma argel ) leaf powder on the quality attributes of camel patties during cold storage
  5. Effects of thermosonication and orange by-products extracts on quality attributes of carrot (Daucus carota ) juice during storage
  6. Effects of Cooking and Fermentation on the Chemical Composition, Functional Properties and Protein Digestibility of Sandbox(Hura Crepitans)Seeds
  7. Functional Properties and Protein Digestibility of Protein Concentrates and Isolates Produced from Kariya (Hildergadia bateri) Seed
  8. Antioxidative and Functional Properties of Kariya (Hildergadia barteri) Protein Hydrolysates Obtained with Two Different Proteolytic Enzymes