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  1. The Capacity Management of Dependent Manufacturer in Dealing with Uncertainty in Asymmetric Relationships
  2. Building Innovative Capability in Trucking Business
  3. Does Size Matter for Enhancing Company Resilience and Performance of Indonesian Trucking Company during COVID-19 Pandemic?
  4. Container Yard Planning Layout Model Considering Demand and Lost Sale Container
  5. The effects of carbon cap limitations on inventory and multimodal transportation
  6. Mitigating transportation disruptions in a supply chain: a cost-effective strategy
  7. Inventory strategy for spare parts redundancy to support server operations during production processes
  8. Pricing decision model for new and remanufactured short-life cycle products with time-dependent demand
  9. An integrated shipment planning and storage capacity decision under uncertainty
  10. Evaluating alternatives of product design: a multi criteria group decision making approach
  11. Berth Allocation Problem Under Uncertainty: A Conceptual Model using Collaborative Approach
  12. Joint economic lot size (JELS) model for single-vendor single-buyer with variable production rate and partial backorder
  13. Uncertainty and schedule instability in supply chain: insights from case studies
  14. Planning Logistics by Algorithm with VRPTWBD for Rice Distribution: A Case BULOG Agency in the Nganjuk District Indonesia
  15. Managing sales return in dual sales channel: an analysis of primary versus secondary market resale strategies
  16. Adjusted-Stackelberg scheme in applying profit-sharing to coordinate dual channel supply chain
  17. Factors affecting schedule instability in manufacturing companies
  18. Integrated inventory model for single vendor single buyer with probabilistic demand
  19. Managing sales return in dual sales channel: its product substitution and return channel analysis
  20. Managing sales return in dual sales channel: its product substitution and return channel analysis
  21. House of risk: a model for proactive supply chain risk management
  22. Collective efficacy and manufacturing schedule instability: a study in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta region
  23. Supply Chain Risk Management
  24. Supply chain management for Disaster Relief Operations: principles and case studies
  25. Augmenting the lot sizing order quantity when demand is probabilistic
  26. Sustainable supply chain management
  27. Schedule instability in a supply chain: an experimental study
  28. Electronic procurement and manufacturing strategic objectives
  29. The effect of lot sizing rules on order variability
  30. Schedule nervousness in a manufacturing system: a case study
  31. Assessing supply chain flexibility: a conceptual framework and case study
  32. Properties of lot-sizing rules under lumpy demand