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  1. Enhancing Social Entrepreneurial Intentions through Entrepreneurial Creativity: A Comparative Study Between Taiwan and Hong Kong
  2. Yin Yang and Organizational Performance
  3. From Theory to Practice
  4. Linking the Ancient Wisdom to the Contemporary Management Concepts
  5. An Yin Yang: Tacit Signal Integrated Human Capital Performance Analysis
  6. Customer Needs in Market-Driven Product Development: Product Management and R&D Standpoints
  7. Sustainability development in high-tech manufacturing firms in Hong Kong: Motivators and readiness
  8. Social responsibility in youth service organizations: Hong Kong evidence
  9. Analyzing supply chain operation models with the PC-algorithm and the neural network
  10. Airline catering service operation, schedule nervousness and collective efficacy on performance: Hong Kong evidence
  11. Interrelationships among knowledge management, organisational learning and innovation
  12. A note on organisational learning: continuation and sustainability
  13. Sustaining effective business value chain: future challenges
  14. Learning motivation in e-learning facilitated computer programming courses
  15. Critical factors for an effective business value chain
  16. Learning Motivation in E-Learning Questionnaire
  17. Performance and efficacies in project-based action learning teams
  18. How do engineering students differ from students of other disciplines in Taiwan?
  19. A comparative study of schedule nervousness among high-tech manufacturers across the Straits
  20. The role of electronic pocket dictionaries as an English learning tool among Chinese students
  21. Managing supply chains: lessons learned and future challenges
  22. Dynamic organizational learning: a conceptual framework
  23. From driving to learning: The organizational learning process
  24. Sustainable development in non-governmental organisations: factors affecting the management decisions – a study in Hong Kong
  25. Collective efficacy and manufacturing schedule instability: a study in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta region
  26. Relationships with supply chain partners affecting internal operation of high-tech manufacturers in Taiwan
  27. On Students' Strategy-Preferences for Managing Difficult Course Work
  28. PAL in action: a company's OL experience
  29. Project‐based action learning as learning approach in learning organisation: the theory and framework
  30. Error compensation in the end milling of pockets: a methodology
  31. Prediction of contour accuracy in the end milling of pockets
  32. A process-design approach to error compensation in the end milling of pockets