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  1. Is a net life cycle balance for energy and materials achievable for a zero emission single-family building in Norway?
  2. Tracking Construction Material over Space and Time
  3. Increasing Transparency of Data Used in Industrial Ecology Research
  4. Big data GIS analysis for novel approaches in building stock modelling
  5. GIS-based Decision Support System for Building Retrofit
  6. Building Inventory and Refurbishment Scenario Database Development for Switzerland
  7. Comparative emission analysis of low-energy and zero-emission buildings
  8. Life cycle assessment of dynamic building integrated photovoltaics
  9. Environmental Impact of Buildings—What Matters?
  10. Welches sind die ökologischsten Holzverwendungen?
  11. Housing and Mobility Demands of Individual Households and their Life Cycle Assessment
  12. A component based bottom-up building stock model for comprehensive environmental impact assessment and target control
  13. Innovation for sustainability: toward a sustainable urban future in industrialized cities