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  1. The structure, drivers and policy implications of the European carbon footprint
  2. Beyond peak emission transfers: historical impacts of globalization and future impacts of climate policies on international emission transfers
  3. Growth in Environmental Footprints and Environmental Impacts Embodied in Trade: Resource Efficiency Indicators from EXIOBASE3
  4. Towards Robust, Authoritative Assessments of Environmental Impacts Embodied in Trade: Current State and Recommendations
  5. Increasing Transparency of Data Used in Industrial Ecology Research
  6. EXIOBASE 3: Developing a Time Series of Detailed Environmentally Extended Multi-Regional Input-Output Tables
  7. Prioritizing Consumption-Based Carbon Policy Based on the Evaluation of Mitigation Potential Using Input-Output Methods
  8. Headline Environmental Indicators Revisited with the Global Multi-Regional Input-Output Database EXIOBASE
  9. Environmental Impact Assessment of Household Consumption
  10. Effect of aggregation and disaggregation on embodied material use of products in input–output analysis
  11. Lifting Industrial Ecology Modeling to a New Level of Quality and Transparency: A Call for More Transparent Publications and a Collaborative Open Source Software Framework
  12. HCN1 subunits contribute to the kinetics ofIhin neonatal cortical plate neurons
  13. Interferon-β modulates protein synthesis in the central nervous system☆