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  1. First co-amorphous form of an anthelmintic drug flubendazole with impoved pharmaceutical performance
  2. New fenbendazole pharmaceutical salts that increase release and anthelmintic efficacy
  3. New nitrofurantoin cocrystals that increase photostability, permeability and release
  4. Obtaining of the first oral form of isavuconazole (an alternative to isavuconazonium prodrug)
  5. A new neuroprotector has poor water solubility, which increases due to cocrystallization
  6. А structure–property relationship between of the supramolecular organization and solubility
  7. Drug for fungal infections in combination with nutraceuticals
  8. Disappearing polymorphism of ternary crystal of ciprofloxacin with salicylic acid and water