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  1. Tourism collaboration life cycle
  2. Methods for synthesizing environmental qualitative studies
  3. Policy-driven monitoring and evaluation: Does it support adaptive management of socio-ecological systems?
  4. Learning and action in natural resource management
  5. Wind energy acceptance in Europe
  6. Rationales for participation in Green Infrastructure planning
  7. Adapting forest management to climate change in Europe: Linking perceptions to adaptive responses
  8. Outcomes from learning to natural resource management (NRM)
  9. Learning and the transformative potential of citizen science
  10. Assessing the relevance of stakeholder analysis for national ecological network governance: The case of the Green Network in Estonia
  11. Legitimacy Analysis of Multi-Level Governance of Biodiversity: Evidence from 11 Case Studies across the EU
  12. The Role of Information, Knowledge, and Acceptance During Landowner Participation in the Natura 2000 Designations: The Cases of Otepää and Kõnnumaa, Estonia