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  1. Hydrogen embrittlement in additively manufactured metals: A critical review
  2. Modeling fatigue and hydrogen embrittlement (HELP+HEDE model) of steel with unified mechanics theory
  3. Erosion Wear Behavior of High Chromium Cast Irons
  4. Unified Mechanics of Metallic Structural Materials
  5. A comprehensive review of external corrosion of oil and gas pipelines
  6. Corrosion effects on structural integrity and life of oil rig drill pipes
  7. A probabilistic approach to estimate the reliability of corroded pipelines
  8. Stress Corrosion Crack Growth Simulation by the Finite Element Method
  9. Corrigendum to “Influence of hydrogen-enhanced plasticity and decohesion mechanisms of hydrogen embrittlement on the fracture resistance of steel” [Eng. Fail. Anal. 123 (2021) 105312]
  10. Assessment of hydrogen embrittlement and a model for structural integrity analysis
  11. Hydrogen-enhanced plasticity and decohesion mechanisms of hydrogen embrittlement in steel
  12. The special issue of EFM (2019): Recent advances on hydrogen embrittlement understanding
  13. Corrosion induced failure of the ductile iron pipes at micro- and nano-levels
  14. Assessment of corroded API 5L X52 pipe elbow using a modified failure assessment diagram
  15. Microbiologically influenced corrosion of cast iron pipes in the presence of SRB
  16. The reliability analysis and failure of the corroded API 5L X60 pipeline
  17. Hydrogen embrittlement of steel pipelines and transient gas flow
  18. Hydrogen embrittlement of low carbon structural steel at different length scales
  19. Wear behavior of metal matrix composite (MMC) coatings
  20. The synergistic action of hydrogen embrittlement mechanisms in steels and iron
  21. Theoretical study of AlN mechanical behaviour under high pressure regime
  22. Rendgenska difraktometrija praha - XRPD
  23. Characterization of a coating 316L applied by plasma transferred arc
  24. Plazma metalizacija u vazduhu
  25. Hydrogen embrittlement (HE) phenomena - Book chapter (2018), Elsevier
  26. Theoretical ab initio (DFT) investigation of advanced materials under extreme conditions
  27. The new methodology for the conveyor idlers pressure joints quality control
  28. List of Contributors
  29. Hladna metalizacija, The cold spraying process
  30. Repair weld of thermal power plant tubes made of X20CrMoV121 (12%Cr) steel
  31. The current state of the art in hydrogen embrittlement modeling and studies
  32. Repair welding of crane wheels in steelworks Smederevo
  33. A unified and practical industrial model for the prediction of hydrogen embrittlement
  34. Oxidation behavior of boiler tubes made of 2.25Cr1Mo and 12Cr1Mo0.3V steels
  35. The correlation between vibration, temperatures and service life of rolling bearings
  36. Hydrogen embrittlement mechanisms in steels and their effects on mechanical properties
  37. Metalizacija velikim brzinama u struji produkata sagorevanja - HVOF
  38. Remaining life assessment of a high pressure turbine
  39. Numerical analysis of thermal stresses in welded joint smade of steels X20 and X22
  40. Hydrogen embrittlement of low carbon structural steel
  41. Material characterization of the main steam valve made of X20CrMoV 12.1 steel
  42. Remaining service life assessment of steam pipeline in thermal power plant
  43. Fracture of nano and engineering materials and structures
  44. Case study of boiler supporting tubes failure
  45. Structural integrity of pressure vessels repair welding joints