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  1. Techniques employed to create event prestige value for corporate VIPs: the V.I.P. Framework
  2. Conceptualising Customer‐to‐customer Value Co‐creation in Tourism
  3. 8th CPTHL – Consumer Psychology for Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Symposium
  4. Using Scenarios to Investigate Stakeholders' views on the Future of a Sporting Event
  5. Consumer behaviour in tourism: Concepts, influences and opportunities
  6. Social layers of customer-to-customer value co-creation
  7. Constraints to attend events across specialization levels
  8. A cross national study of golf tourists' satisfaction
  9. A hierarchical model of technology adoption for small owner-managed travel firms: An organizational decision-making and leadership perspective
  10. Event sponsorship by alcoholic and non‐alcoholic drinks businesses in India
  11. Cross-Cultural Segments in International Student Travel: An Analysis of British and Chinese Market
  12. The indicators of intention to adopt mobile electronic tourist guides
  13. Balancing Tourism and Heritage in Historic Cities
  14. Determinants of Intention to Purchase Over the Internet
  15. Using involvement for segmenting the adoption of e-commerce in travel
  16. Multidimensional segmentation of gastronomic tourists based on motivation and satisfaction
  17. Antecedents and Consequences of Prestige Motivation in Tourism
  18. The determinants of gastronomic tourists' satisfaction: a second‐order factor analysis