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  1. How hospices support families of babies who require palliative care during pregnancy and after birth
  2. Using Team-Based Learning in nurse education
  3. Supporting bereaved grandparents
  4. How to care for the body of a child after death, in a children's hospice.
  5. Understanding how first responders feel when dealing with the sudden death of a baby or child
  6. The emotional challenges of supporting families after the death of a child
  7. Using a nursing dependency score in children's hospices
  8. Approaches to community-based palliative care provision by children’s hospices in the UK
  9. A qualitative descriptive analysis of nurses' perceptions of hospice care for deceased children following organ donation in hospice cool rooms
  10. The Prevalence of Nonprescription Cannabinoid-Based Medicines in British Children's Hospices: Results of a National Survey
  11. Understanding the bereavement experience of grandparents following the death of a grandchild from a life‐limiting condition: A meta‐ethnography
  12. How Grandparents Experience the Death of a Grandchild With a Life-Limiting Condition
  13. P-118 The impact and development needs of independent non-medical prescribers in children’s hospices
  14. O-8 Nurses’ perceptions of caring for children after organ donation in children’s hospice cool rooms
  15. The importance of anticipatory prescribing in children's palliative care
  16. Independent non-medical prescribing in children’s hospices in the UK: a practice snapshot
  17. O-22  Grandparents’ experience of the death of a grandchild from a life-limiting condition: an interpretative phenomenological analysis