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  1. Employer safety obligations, safety climate, and safety behaviors in the ready-made garment context in Bangladesh
  2. High-performance work systems and organizational citizenship behavior: the role of goal congruence and servant leadership
  3. How do work–life support practices impact bank employees' subjective well-being?
  4. Evaluating the Determinants of Customers’ Mobile Grocery Shopping Application (MGSA) Adoption during COVID-19 Pandemic
  5. Personality Traits, Social Self-Efficacy, Social Support, and Social Entrepreneurial Intention: The Moderating Role of Gender
  6. Using Mobile Food Delivery Applications during COVID-19 Pandemic: An Extended Model of Planned Behavior
  7. Evaluating the customers' dining attitudes, e-satisfaction and continuance intention toward mobile food ordering apps (MFOAs): evidence from Bangladesh
  8. Organizational learning culture and business intelligence systems of health-care organizations
  9. Spillover effects of organizational politics on family satisfaction: the role of work-to-family conflict and family support
  10. Organizational politics and work-family conflict: the hospitality industry in Bangladesh
  11. Social Media for Web-Communities of Female Entrepreneurs: A Prisma-Compliant Exploration
  13. Social media for web-communities of female entrepreneurs: a PRISMA-compliant exploration
  14. High-performance work systems and job engagement: The mediating role of psychological empowerment
  15. Motivation to Transfer Training in Banking Industry of Bangladesh
  16. Development of Women Entrepreneurship in Beauty-Care and Parlor Industry of Bangladesh
  17. Impact of Smartphone Addiction on Academic Performance of Business Students
  18. Impact of Smartphone Addiction on Business Students’ Academic Performance: A Case Study
  19. Nazrul's Contributions in Equality and Egalitarianism
  20. The impact of business intelligence on organization’s effectiveness: an empirical study
  21. High-Performance Work Systems and Proactive Behavior: The Mediating Role of Psychological Empowerment
  22. Mission Statements of Pharmaceutical Firms in Bangladesh: Missing Link and Probable Impact
  23. Critical Success Factors of Re-Engineering in the Production Process: SMEs Sector of Bangladesh