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  1. Open public financial management
  2. Institutionalisation of the Cash Basis International Public Sector Accounting Standard in the Central Government of Bangladesh
  3. Strengthening the Public Sector Accounting Through ICT: The Experience of a Developing Country
  4. Investigating the Failure of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) of an Emerging Economy: A Comparative Case Study
  5. A study on the critical factors of human error in civil aviation: An early warning management perspective in Bangladesh
  6. Production and Preferences to Compatible Solution: Fuzzy Evaluation of Power Sector in Bangladesh
  7. Impact of Relationship among the Fundamental Blocks in Production Process to implement Re-Engineering: An Empirical Analysis in SMEs
  8. An Assessment on the Adaptation of ISO 14000 in the Fertilizer Industry of Bangladesh for the Sustainable Development
  9. Critical Success Factors of Re-Engineering in the Production Process: SMEs Sector of Bangladesh
  10. Ethical Issues of Qualitative Research
  11. Fuzzy Evaluation for the Product Strategic Aspects of Ready-Made Garment Enterprise in Bangladesh
  12. Corporate Disclosure Measurement