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  1. Out-of-plane capacity of cladding panel-to-structure connections in one-story R/C precast structures
  2. A hybrid method for the calibration of finite element models of punching-shear in R/C flat slabs
  3. Eccentric punching strength of continuous flat slabs—Analysis of different experimental setups
  4. Constitutive relationships of different interlayer materials for laminated glass
  5. Assessment of structural behaviour and seismic retrofitting for an Italian monumental masonry building
  6. An Assessment of American Criterion for Detecting Plan Irregularity
  7. Axial response of cold-formed steel bracing members with holes
  8. Modelling the response of a laminated tempered glass for different configurations of damage by a rigid body spring model
  9. Evaluation of the American Approach for Detecting Plan Irregularity
  10. Flat slab strengthening techniques against punching-shear
  11. Influence of mechanical and geometric uncertainty on rack connection structural response
  12. Forming new steel-framed openings in load-bearing masonry walls: design methods and nonlinear finite element simulations
  13. On the required ductility in beams and connections to allow a redistribution of moments in steel frame structures
  14. Evaluation of rack connection mechanical properties by means of the Component Method
  15. An innovative cladding panel connection for RC precast buildings
  16. Pinching in Steel Rack Joints: Numerical Modelling and Effects on Structural Response
  17. Flexural Capacity of Steel Rack Connections Via The Component Method
  18. A review of literature and code formulations for cracking in R/C members
  19. Post-failure behavior of laminated glass beams using different interlayers
  20. Monotonic and cyclic tests on beam-column joints of industrial pallet racks
  21. Punching in steel fiber reinforced concrete slabs
  22. Performance assessment of flat slabs strengthened with a bonded reinforced-concrete overlay
  23. Experimental, numerical, and regulatory P-M x -M y domains for cold-formed perforated steel uprights of pallet-racks
  24. Tests on joints of cold-formed steel storage pallet racks
  25. Static and dynamic response of progressively damaged ionoplast laminated glass beams
  26. Experimental investigation on static and cyclic behaviour of flanged unions for precast reinforced concrete columns
  27. Two shape parametrizations for structural optimization of triangular shells
  28. Displacement capacity of masonry piers: parametric numerical analyses versus international building codes
  29. Long term response of glass–PVB double-lap joints
  30. Non-destructive characterization of stone columns by dynamic test: Application to the lower colonnade of the Dome of the Siena Cathedral
  31. Static behaviour of an Italian Medieval Castle: Damage assessment by numerical modelling
  32. Evaluation study on structural fault of a Renaissance Italian palace
  33. Geodetic Domes for great-span structures: Mandela Forum Project proposal in Florence
  34. BLWT tests and design loads on the roof of the new olympic stadium in Piraeus
  35. Structural Evaluation and Strengthening of a Reinforced Concrete Bridge
  36. Wind-induced interference effects on two adjacent cooling towers
  37. A numerical shape finding procedure for very thin shells
  38. In-Situ Static and Dynamic Testing and Numerical Modelling of the Dome of the Siena Cathedral (Italy)
  39. Assessment of the Static Behaviour of Heritage Masonry Buildings using Numerical Modelling