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  1. An alternative approach for limit analysis of masonry arches on moving supports in finite small displacements
  2. A new automatic procedure for nonlinear analysis of masonry arches subjected to large support movements
  3. Influence of Different Mortar Matrices on the Effectiveness of FRCM Composites for Confining Masonry Columns
  4. Reliability of Different Test Setups and Influence of Mortar Mixture on the Fabric-Reinforced Cementitious Matrix-to-Brick Bond Response
  5. Experimental Investigation on the Bond Behaviour of Basalt TRM Systems - Influence of Textile Configuration and Multi-Layer Application
  6. Evaluation of the American Approach for Detecting Plan Irregularity
  7. Assessment of the Moroccan vernacular timber roof: a proposal for an eco-friendly strengthening system
  8. Analysis of masonry arches reinforced with FRP sheets: experimental results and numerical evaluations
  9. Equilibrium analysis of masonry domes. on the analytical interpretation of the Eddy-Lévy graphical method
  10. Artificial Ageing of Mortar Prisms Reinforced through Steel, Glass and Organic Fibres