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  1. Impact of Protein Domains on PE_PGRS30 Polar Localization in Mycobacteria
  2. Biomechanical investigation of colorectal cancer cells
  3. Controlling the Cassie-to-Wenzel Transition: an Easy Route towards the Realization of Tridimensional Arrays of Biological Objects
  4. Quantitative Assessment of the Relationship Between Cellular Morphodynamics and Signaling Events by Stochastic Analysis of Fluorescent Images
  5. Su1431 Morphological Features of Endothelial Cells of Endometrium Before and After Incubation With Anti-Transglutaminase Antibodies in Both Healthy and Celiac Women
  6. Celiac disease and reproductive disorders: meta-analysis of epidemiologic associations and potential pathogenic mechanisms
  8. A hybrid characterization framework to determine the visco-hyperelastic properties of a porcine zona pellucida
  9. Novel fluorescent security marker. Part II: application of novel 6-alkoxy-2-amino-3,5-pyridinedicarbonitrile nanoparticles in safety paper
  10. Assessing the feasibility of volumetric-modulated arc therapy using simultaneous integrated boost (SIB-VMAT): An analysis for complex head-neck, high-risk prostate and rectal cancer cases
  11. Self-assembling of large ordered DNA arrays using superhydrophobic patterned surfaces
  12. α-Crystallin Modulates its Chaperone Activity by Varying the Exposed Surface
  13. The type 2B p.R1306W natural mutation of von Willebrand factor dramatically enhances the multimer sensitivity to shear stress
  14. Potential New Mechanisms of Placental Damage in Celiac Disease: Anti-Transglutaminase Antibodies Impair Human Endometrial Angiogenesis
  15. A fast and quantitative evaluation of the Aspergillus fumigatus biofilm adhesion properties by means of digital pulsed force mode
  16. Mycobacterium tuberculosis may escape helper T cell recognition by infecting human fibroblasts
  17. Effect of the residual stress on soft sample nanoindentation
  18. Applicator-guided volumetric-modulated arc therapy for low-risk endometrial cancer
  20. P071 Gelenterum ameliorates murine colitis while modulating gut microbiota and intestinal mucus layer
  21. Viscous forces are predominant in the zona pellucida mechanical resistance
  22. Leuprorelin Acetate Long-Lasting Effects on GnRH Receptors of Prostate Cancer Cells: An Atomic Force Microscopy Study of Agonist/Receptor Interaction
  23. In VitroInteraction between Alginate Lyase and Amphotericin B against Aspergillus fumigatus Biofilm Determined by Different Methods
  24. Epithelial-Stromal Interactions in Human Breast Cancer: Effects on Adhesion, Plasma Membrane Fluidity and Migration Speed and Directness
  25. Detection of Biofilm-Grown Aspergillus fumigatus by Means of Atomic Force Spectroscopy: Ultrastructural Effects of Alginate Lyase
  26. Whole-Depth Change in Bovine Zona Pellucida Biomechanics after Fertilization: How Relevant in Hindering Polyspermy?
  27. Impact of electronegative low-density lipoprotein on angiographic coronary atherosclerotic burden
  28. Nanoscale characterization of the biomechanical hardening of bovine zona pellucida
  29. Celiac disease and pregnancy outcome: anti-transglutaminase antibodies effects on placental and endometrial functions
  30. Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy with Simultaneous Integrated Boost for Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer
  31. Janus-faced liposomes enhance antimicrobial innate immune response in Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection
  33. The Thermal Structural Transition of Alpha-Crystallin Modulates Subunit Interactions and Increases Protein Solubility
  34. Quality of Life and Toxicity of Stereotactic Radiotherapy in Pancreatic Tumors: A Case Series
  35. Novel fluorescent security marker. Part I: morphological and optical properties of 2-amino-6-ethoxy-4-[4-(4-morpholinyl)phenyl]-3,5-pyridinedicarbonitrile nanoparticles
  36. PE_PGRS30 is required for the full virulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  37. Nanocavities trapped along fibrin fibers allow the diffusion of thrombolytic drugs
  38. Docosahexaenoic acid reverts resistance to UV-induced apoptosis in human keratinocytes: involvement of COX-2 and HuR
  39. Heat Stress Causes Spatially-Distinct Membrane Re-Modelling in K562 Leukemia Cells
  40. The Thermal Structural Transition of α-Crystallin Inhibits the Heat Induced Self-Aggregation
  41. Controlled self assembly of collagen nanoparticle
  42. Effects of Mechanical Forces on the Cellular Dynamics
  43. Intervillous circulation in intra-uterine growth restriction. Correlation to fetal well being
  44. Fluctuations and the Rate-Limiting Step of Peptide-Induced Membrane Leakage
  45. Estradiol Binding Prevents ApoB-100 Misfolding in Electronegative LDL(−)
  46. Mammalian life-span determinant p66 shcA mediates obesity-induced insulin resistance
  47. Ristocetin-induced self-aggregation of von Willebrand factor
  48. Fibrin Gel Ultrastructure
  49. Protective Role of 17-β-Estradiol in LDL Amyloidogenesis
  50. Reactive Oxygen Species as Essential Mediators of Cell Adhesion and Migration
  51. Thiol Redox Transitions in Cell Signaling: a Lesson from N-Acetylcysteine
  52. Natural lysophospholipids reduce Mycobacterium tuberculosis ‐induced cytotoxicity and induce anti‐mycobacterial activity by a phagolysosome maturation‐dependent mechanism in A549 type II alveolar epithelial cells
  53. Investigation of the spatial distribution of glutathione redox-balance in live cells by using Fluorescence Ratio Imaging Microscopy
  54. Generation in Human Plasma of Misfolded, Aggregation-Prone Electronegative Low Density Lipoprotein
  55. Cl− and F− anions regulate the architecture of protofibrils in fibrin gel
  56. Compartmentalization of the redox environment in PC-12 neuronal cells
  57. Mechanical properties of zona pellucida hardening
  58. Evidence of elastic to plastic transition in the zona pellucida of oocytes using atomic force spectroscopy
  59. Physical Properties of the Zona Pellucida
  60. On The Mechanisms Regulating Alpha-crystallin Activity
  61. CpG oligodeoxynucleotides promote phospholipase D dependent phagolysosome maturation and intracellular mycobacterial killing in M. tuberculosis infected type II alveolar epithelial cells
  62. 470: Gadolinium-enhanced MRI mapping of placental perfusion in normal and IUGR pregnancies
  63. N-acetyl-l-cysteine fosters inactivation and transfer to endolysosomes of c-Src
  64. High-Resolution Imaging of Redox Signaling in Live Cells Through an Oxidation-Sensitive Yellow Fluorescent Protein
  65. Detection of microviscosity by using uncalibrated atomic force microscopy cantilevers
  66. Role of the life span determinant P66shcA in ethanol-induced liver damage
  67. Modifications in solvent clusters embedded along the fibers of a cellulose polymer network cause paper degradation
  68. Low density lipoprotein misfolding and amyloidogenesis
  69. Sphingosine 1-phosphate promotes antigen processing and presentation to CD4+ T cells in Mycobacterium tuberculosis-infected monocytes
  70. Globular structure of human ovulatory cervical mucus
  71. Modifications of the Mesoscopic Structure of Cellulose in Paper Degradation
  72. Lysophosphatidic acid enhances antimycobacterial activity both in vitro and ex vivo
  73. CpG oligodeoxynucleotides induce Ca2+-dependent phospholipase D activity leading to phagolysosome maturation and intracellular mycobacterial growth inhibition in monocytes
  74. Low Density Lipoprotein Aged in Plasma Forms Clusters Resembling Subendothelial Droplets: Aggregation via Surface Sites
  75. Fluid viscosity determination by means of uncalibrated atomic force microscopy cantilevers
  76. Simultaneous static and dynamic light scattering approach to the characterization of the different fibrin gel structures occurring by changing chloride concentration
  77. Particle Size Distribution in DMPC Vesicles Solutions Undergoing Different Sonication Times
  78. Small- and wide-angle elastic light scattering study of fibrin structure
  79. Structure of fibrin gels studied by elastic light scattering techniques: Dependence of fractal dimension, gel crossover length, fiber diameter, and fiber density on monomer concentration
  80. Growth kinetics and structure of fibrin gels
  81. On the dynamics of semiflexible fibrin gels
  82. 23. Structure and kinetics of gelation of fibrin gels from light scattering
  83. Dynamic light scattering study of fine semiflexible fibrin networks
  84. Self-similarity properties of alpha-crystallin supramolecular aggregates
  85. Relaxation dynamic measurements in fibrin networks
  86. Polarization-resolved beam combination in liquid suspensions of shaped microparticles
  87. Field-induced polarization modulation in shaped-microparticle suspensions
  88. Non-linear optics in artificial Kerr materials
  89. Nondegenerate two-wave mixing in shaped microparticle suspensions
  90. Birefringence and scattering in highly oriented artificial Kerr media
  91. Optical phase conjugation through translational and rotational diffusive rearrangements of liquid-dispersed microparticles
  92. Polarization-resolved optical phase conjugation in an artificial anisotropic Kerr medium
  93. Third-order nonlinearity enhancement in an artificial Kerr medium through bulk intrinsic birefringence