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  1. Oriented collagen nanocoatings for tissue engineering
  2. Measurement of Tension Release During Laser Induced Axon Lesion to Evaluate Axonal Adhesion to the Substrate at Piconewton and Millisecond Resolution
  3. Novel ncRNAs transcribed by Pol III and elucidation of their functional relevance by biophysical approaches
  4. Probing cytoskeleton organisation of neuroblastoma cells with single-cell force spectroscopy
  5. Design and Production of a Chimeric Resilin-, Elastin-, and Collagen-Like Engineered Polypeptide
  6. Effect of chemical cross-linking on the mechanical properties of elastomeric peptides studied by single molecule force spectroscopy
  7. Erratum: Dynamical characterization of vibrating AFM cantilevers forced by photothermal excitation [Phys. Rev. B 81 , 054302 (2010)]
  8. AFM Imaging via Nonlinear Control of Self-Driven Cantilever Oscillations
  9. Role of the driving laser position on atomic force microscopy cantilevers excited by photothermal and radiation pressure effects
  10. The highly conserved synapsin domain E mediates synapsin dimerization and phospholipid vesicle clustering
  11. Dynamical characterization of vibrating AFM cantilevers forced by photothermal excitation
  12. Detection of microviscosity by using uncalibrated atomic force microscopy cantilevers
  13. Potassium ion transport by gramicidin and valinomycin across a Ag(111)-supported tethered bilayer lipid membrane
  14. Modeling and analysis of auto-tapping AFM
  15. Fluid viscosity determination by means of uncalibrated atomic force microscopy cantilevers
  16. Surface nanoscale periodic structures in congruent lithium niobate by domain reversal patterning and differential etching
  17. Autocorrelator for multiphoton microscopy
  18. Laser spectral characterization in multiphoton microscopy
  19. Wavefront-division lateral shearing autocorrelator for ultrafast laser microscopy
  20. Simple portable lens meter
  21. Confocal luminescence microscopy characterization of optical waveguides produced by ion beam irradiation on LiF