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  1. Label-free optical biosensors in the pandemic era
  2. Copolymer Coatings for DNA Biosensors: Effect of Charges and Immobilization Chemistries on Yield, Strength and Kinetics of Hybridization
  3. A Bit Stickier, a Bit Slower, a Lot Stiffer: Specific vs. Nonspecific Binding of Gal4 to DNA
  4. A microfluidic column of water index–matched packed microspheres for label-free observation of water pollutants
  5. Design of a rapid, multiplex, one-pot miRNA assay optimized by label-free analysis
  6. Serological follow-up of SARS-CoV-2 asymptomatic subjects
  7. Non-Langmuir Kinetics of DNA Surface Hybridization
  8. SARS-CoV-2 infection among asymptomatic homebound subjects in Milan, Italy
  9. Non-Langmuir kinetics of DNA surface hybridization
  10. Fabrication and Optical Modeling of Micro‐Porous Membranes Index‐Matched with Water for On‐Line Sensing Applications
  11. Dynamics of Structural Elements of GB1 β-Hairpin Revealed by Tryptophan–Cysteine Contact Formation Experiments
  12. Phantom membrane microfluidic cross-flow filtration device for the direct optical detection of water pollutants
  13. Dark field differential dynamic microscopy enables accurate characterization of the roto-translational dynamics of bacteria and colloidal clusters
  14. A label-free immunoassay for Flavivirus detection by the Reflective Phantom Interface technology
  15. Emerging applications of label-free optical biosensors
  16. Fluorinated plastic almost invisible in water enables the detection of pollutants.
  17. Multi-spot, label-free detection of viral infection in complex media by a non-reflecting surface
  18. Label-free detection of DNA single-base mismatches using a simple reflectance-based optical technique
  19. Multi-spot, label-free immunoassay on reflectionless glass
  20. New “clickable” polymeric coating for glycan microarrays
  21. Portable, Multispot, Label-Free Immunoassay on a Phantom Perfluorinated Plastic
  22. Optical Detection of Surfactants by Means of Reflective Phantom Interface Method
  23. A fast and simple label-free immunoassay based on a smartphone
  24. Viscoelasticity of nematic liquid crystals at a glance
  25. Multi-spot, Label-free Detection of Biomarkers in Complex Media by Reflectionless Surfaces
  26. Multispot, label-free biodetection at a phantom plastic–water interface
  27. Nematic Liquid Crystals Embedded in Cubic Microlattices: Memory Effects and Bistable Pixels
  28. Effect of configuration of the microchannels fabricated by femtosecond laser micromachining on topological defects in confined liquid crystals
  29. Bistability of nematic liquid crystals confined in 3D scaffold produced by two-photon polymerization
  30. The emergence of memory in liquid crystals
  31. Making connections between ultrafast protein folding kinetics and molecular dynamics simulations
  32. Memory and topological frustration in nematic liquid crystals confined in porous materials
  33. Measuring Sub-Microsceond Protein Folding Kinetics with Independent Probes
  34. Folding Kinetics of Small Proteins Revealed by Tryptophan-Cysteine Contact Formation Experiments
  35. Topological defects of nematic liquid crystals confined in porous networks
  36. Right-handed double-helix ultrashort DNA yields chiral nematic phases with both right- and left-handed director twist
  37. Towards a Universal Method for the Stable and Clean Functionalization of Inert Perfluoropolymer Nanoparticles: Exploiting Photopolymerizable Amphiphilic Diacetylenes
  38. Elastic anisotropy at a glance: the optical signature of disclination lines
  39. Conformations and Dynamics of Polypeptide Chains Revealed By Tryptophan-Cysteine Contact Formation Kinetics
  40. Field-induced clearing in sphere-sphere and rod-sphere binary mixtures of charged colloidal particles
  41. Kinetics of Contact Formation and End-to-End Distance Distributions of Swollen Disordered Peptides
  42. Liquid crystal ordering of DNA and RNA oligomers with partially overlapping sequences
  43. Liquid Crystal Alignment on a Chiral Surface: Interfacial Interaction with Sheared DNA Films
  44. Phase separation and liquid crystallization of complementary sequences in mixtures of nanoDNA oligomers
  45. Phantom Nanoparticles as Probes of Biomolecular Interactions
  46. Memory effects in nematics with quenched disorder
  47. Effects of Denaturants on the Dynamics of Loop Formation in Polypeptides
  48. Determination of Ultrafast Protein Folding Rates from Loop Formation Dynamics
  49. Nematics with Quenched Disorder: Pinning out the Origin of Memory
  50. Guided propagation in electric-field-controlled hybrid nematic waveguides
  51. Reshaping of the refractive index profile of a liquid crystal waveguide by means of an external electric field
  52. Kinetics of Intramolecular Contact Formation in a Denatured Protein
  53. Dynamic control of the optical properties of a liquid crystal waveguide by means of an applied electric field
  54. Field-controlled optical profile of a waveguide having a liquid-crystalline core
  55. Field-induced anti-nematic ordering in assemblies of anisotropically polarizable particles
  56. A laser interferometer for the study of electrically excited bubble capillary modes
  57. Monte Carlo Metropolis simulation of interacting anisotropic polarizable spins on a lattice
  58. Electrokinetic properties of colloids of variable charge. III. Observation of a Maxwell–Wagner relaxation mechanism by high-frequency electric-birefringence spectroscopy
  59. Nematics with Quenched Disorder: What Is Left when Long Range Order Is Disrupted?
  60. Non-linear dynamics of the electro-optic response of confined liquid crystals