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  1. Editorial: Probing out-of-equilibrium soft matter
  2. Introduction to viscoelasticity and plasticity, and their relation to the underlying microscopic dynamics in soft matter systems
  3. Diffusion in liquid mixtures
  4. Tissue fluidification promotes a cGAS–STING cytosolic DNA response in invasive breast cancer
  5. Quantitative rheo-microscopy of soft matter
  6. Echo speckle imaging of dynamic processes in soft materials
  7. Reciprocal Space Study of Brownian Yet Non-Gaussian Diffusion of Small Tracers in a Hard-Sphere Glass
  8. Non-invasive measurement of nuclear relative stiffness from quantitative analysis of microscopy data
  9. Multiscale heterogeneous dynamics in two-dimensional glassy colloids
  10. Bistability of Dielectrically Anisotropic Nematic Crystals and the Adaptation of Endothelial Collectives to Stress Fields
  11. Performance indicators in higher education quality management of learning and teaching: lessons from a benchlearning exercise of six European universities
  12. Hecw controls oogenesis and neuronal homeostasis by promoting the liquid state of ribonucleoprotein particles
  13. Differential dynamic microscopy for the characterization of polymer systems
  14. Probing roto-translational diffusion of small anisotropic colloidal particles with a bright-field microscope
  15. Deformation profiles and microscopic dynamics of complex fluids during oscillatory shear experiments
  16. Disentangling collective motion and local rearrangements in 2D and 3D cell assemblies
  17. Multiple dynamic regimes in a coarsening foam
  18. Emergence of Multiscale Dynamics in Colloidal Gels
  19. Functional transcription promoters at DNA double-strand breaks mediate RNA-driven phase separation of damage-response factors
  20. Unjamming overcomes kinetic and proliferation arrest in terminally differentiated cells and promotes collective motility of carcinoma
  21. European Space Agency experiments on thermodiffusion of fluid mixtures in space
  22. Tracking-Free Determination of Single-Cell Displacements and Division Rates in Confluent Monolayers
  23. Quantitative optical microscopy of colloids: The legacy of Jean Perrin
  24. Flocking transitions in confluent tissues
  25. Differential dynamic microscopy microrheology of soft materials: A tracking-free determination of the frequency-dependent loss and storage moduli
  26. Dark field differential dynamic microscopy enables accurate characterization of the roto-translational dynamics of bacteria and colloidal clusters
  27. Active diffusion and advection in Drosophila oocytes result from the interplay of actin and microtubules
  28. Image windowing mitigates edge effects in Differential Dynamic Microscopy
  29. Perspective: Differential dynamic microscopy extracts multi-scale activity in complex fluids and biological systems
  30. Giant fluctuations and structural effects in a flocking epithelium
  31. Endocytic reawakening of motility in jammed epithelia
  32. Active diffusion and advection in the Drosophila ooplasm result from the interplay of the actin and microtubule cytoskeletons
  33. The NEUF-DIX space project - Non-EquilibriUm Fluctuations during DIffusion in compleX liquids
  34. Re-entrant DNA gels
  35. Equilibrium and non-equilibrium concentration fluctuations in a critical binary mixture
  36. Shadowgraph Analysis of Non-equilibrium Fluctuations for Measuring Transport Properties in Microgravity in the GRADFLEX Experiment
  37. Simultaneous characterization of rotational and translational diffusion of optically anisotropic particles by optical microscopy
  38. Structure and dynamics of concentration fluctuations in a non-equilibrium dense colloidal suspension
  39. Multi-spot, label-free immunoassay on reflectionless glass
  40. Dynamic scaling for the growth of non-equilibrium fluctuations during thermophoretic diffusion in microgravity
  41. Equilibrium gels of trivalent DNA-nanostars: Effect of the ionic strength on the dynamics
  42. Equilibrium gels of low-valence DNA nanostars: a colloidal model for strong glass formers
  43. Correction: Equilibrium gels of low-valence DNA nanostars: a colloidal model for strong glass formers
  44. Portable, Multispot, Label-Free Immunoassay on a Phantom Perfluorinated Plastic
  45. A fast and simple label-free immunoassay based on a smartphone
  46. Digital Fourier microscopy for soft matter dynamics
  47. Viscoelasticity of nematic liquid crystals at a glance
  48. Phase behavior and critical activated dynamics of limited-valence DNA nanostars
  49. Liquid Crystals: Nematic Liquid Crystals Embedded in Cubic Microlattices: Memory Effects and Bistable Pixels (Adv. Funct. Mater. 32/2013)
  50. Multispot, label-free biodetection at a phantom plastic–water interface
  51. Nematic Liquid Crystals Embedded in Cubic Microlattices: Memory Effects and Bistable Pixels
  52. ChemInform Abstract: DNA‐Based Soft Phases
  53. How Archer Fish Achieve a Powerful Impact: Hydrodynamic Instability of a Pulsed Jet in Toxotes jaculatrix
  54. Gradient-driven fluctuations in microgravity
  55. Characterizing Concentrated, Multiply Scattering, and Actively Driven Fluorescent Systems with Confocal Differential Dynamic Microscopy
  56. Two-Dimensional X-Ray Beam Phase Sensing
  57. Effect of configuration of the microchannels fabricated by femtosecond laser micromachining on topological defects in confined liquid crystals
  58. Liquid crystal self-assembly of random-sequence DNA oligomers
  59. Bistability of nematic liquid crystals confined in 3D scaffold produced by two-photon polymerization
  60. Giant thermophoresis of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) microgel particles
  61. Non-equilibrium fluctuations on earth and in micro-gravity. The GRADFLEX experiment
  62. Kinetics of colloidal fractal aggregation by differential dynamic microscopy
  63. Thermal Fluctuations in a Layer of LiquidCS2Subjected to Temperature Gradients with and without the Influence of Gravity
  64. Fractal fronts of diffusion in microgravity
  65. DNA-Based Soft Phases
  66. Topological defects of nematic liquid crystals confined in porous networks
  67. Right-handed double-helix ultrashort DNA yields chiral nematic phases with both right- and left-handed director twist
  68. Exploring soft matter with x-rays: from the discovery of the DNA structure to the challenges of free electron lasers
  69. Noise in laser speckle correlation and imaging techniques
  70. Near-field scattering techniques: Novel instrumentation and results from time and spatially resolved investigations of soft matter systems
  71. Scattering information obtained by optical microscopy: Differential dynamic microscopy and beyond
  72. Bistable Heat Transfer in a Nanofluid
  73. Mutual Voronoi Tessellation in Spoke Pattern Convection
  74. Differential Dynamic Microscopy: Probing Wave Vector Dependent Dynamics with a Microscope
  75. Optical generation of Voronoi diagram
  76. X-ray-scattering information obtained from near-field speckle
  78. Soft X-ray Fresnel-like diffraction from thin films edges by an ultrafast laser plasma source
  79. Correlations of light in the deep Fresnel region: An extended Van Cittert and Zernike theorem
  80. New trends in light scattering
  81. Fluctuations in Diffusion Processes in Microgravity
  82. Gradient-driven fluctuations experiment: fluid fluctuations in microgravity
  83. Near field heterodyne X-ray speckles
  84. Scaling Behavior for the Onset of Convection in a Colloidal Suspension
  85. Transient oscillations in Soret-driven convection in a colloidal suspension
  86. Fast-onset Soret-driven convection in a colloidal suspension heated from above
  87. Soret driven convection in a colloidal solution heated from above at very large solutal Rayleigh number