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  1. A meta-analytic integration of the theory of planned behavior and the value-belief-norm model to predict green consumption
  2. Metaverse integration challenges: An in-depth ISM and MICMAC analysis
  3. Can Masstige brands be introduced in the B2B markets? An exploratory study
  4. Product specific values and personal values together better explains green purchase
  5. Exploring the privacy concerns of smartphone app users: a qualitative approach
  6. Being unconventional: The impact of unconventional packaging messages on impulsive purchases
  7. The effect of customers' brand experience on brand evangelism: The case of luxury hotels
  8. Airbnb Experiences: Travelers’ Purchase Behavior and Word-of-Mouth
  9. Communication strategies: encouraging healthy diets for on-the-go consumption
  10. How consumption values and perceived brand authenticity inspire fashion masstige purchase? An investigation
  11. Cultural consequences of brands' masstige: An emerging market perspective
  12. Predicting collaborative consumption behaviour: a meta-analytic path analysis on the theory of planned behaviour
  13. How to Enhance Customer Loyalty to Retail Stores via Retail Service Quality Practices? A Moderated Mediated Mechanism
  14. High and Low Impulsive Buying in Social Commerce: A SPAR-4-SLR and fsQCA Approach
  15. Building trust among channel members via power sources
  16. Deciphering in-store-online switching in multi-channel retailing context: Role of affective commitment to purchase situation
  17. Inspired and engaged: Decoding MASSTIGE value in engagement
  18. Bandwagon vs snob luxuries: Targeting consumers based on uniqueness dominance
  19. “Standing out” and “fitting in”: understanding inspiration value of masstige in an emerging market context
  20. Uniqueness and luxury: A moderated mediation approach
  21. Understanding on-the-go consumption: A retail mix perspective
  22. Acculturation and apparel store loyalty among immigrants in Western countries
  23. Acculturation and Gen Y consumers
  24. Self construal and status consumption
  25. Ethnic Identity Impact on Consumers’ Ethnocentric Tendencies: The Moderating Role of Acculturation and Materialism
  26. Cosmopolitanism, Materialism, Consumer Ethnocentrism and Consumer Behaviour: Evidence from Aboriginal Tripuri Tribe of India
  27. Impact Assessment of Consumer Demographics on Rural Consumers' Ethnocentric Tendencies (CE) and Social Comparison Information (ATSCI) Habits
  28. Consumer ethnocentrism, status and consumption behaviour: evidence from a communist governed state in a transitional economy
  29. Construction of Personality Measurement Scale based on the 'Guna- Traya' concepts of the Bhagavad-Gita
  30. Consumer Demographics and Environmental Responsibility: An Empirical Investigation of the Consumers in Tripura
  31. Factors Affecting the Purchase of Staple Goods: An Empirical Study of Edible Oil Purchase in Tripura
  32. Dynamic Yet Static: A Boon for High Performance Organizations