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  1. Preparation, thermal stability and electrical transport properties of vaesite, NiS2
  2. Preparation, thermal stability and electrical transport properties of vaesite, NiS2
  3. Optical properties of a new luminescent hybrid material [C6N2H5]3BiCl6 involving a resonance energy transfer (RET)
  4. Impact of transition metal ions on the structure and bioactivity of alkali-free bioactive glasses
  5. Dark matters: black-PDMS nanocomposite for opaque microfluidic systems
  6. Antibacterial layer-by-layer coatings to control drug release from soft contact lenses material
  7. Up-conversion emission of aluminosilicate and titania films doped with Er3+/Yb3+ by ion implantation and sol-gel solution doping
  8. Photonic crystal assisted up-converter based on Tb3+ / Yb3+ - Doped aluminosilicate glass
  9. Tb 3+ /Yb 3+ doped aluminosilicate phosphors for near infrared emission and efficient down-conversion
  10. Portuguese Blue-on-Blue 16th-17th Century Pottery
  11. Spectroscopic studies of Dy3+ ion doped tellurite glasses for solid state lasers and white LEDs
  12. Luminescence properties of Sm3+ ions doped heavy metal oxide tellurite-tungstate-antimonate glasses
  13. Sol-Gel Derived Active Material for Yb Thin-Disk Lasers
  14. Sol–gel-derived Yb:YAG polycrystalline ceramics for laser applications
  15. Organically-modified silica based microspheres for self-curing polyurethane one component foams
  16. Dependence of Eu 3+ photoluminescence properties on structural transformations in diopside-based glass-ceramics
  17. Second harmonic generation in germanotellurite bulk glass-ceramics
  18. Amino-silica microcapsules as effective curing agents for polyurethane foams
  19. Bioglass implant-coating interactions in synthetic physiological fluids with varying degrees of biomimicry
  20. The physical structure of urban economies — Comparative assessment
  21. Influence of Sb 2 O 3 on tellurite based glasses for photonic applications
  22. Chitosan/alginate based multilayers to control drug release from ophthalmic lens
  23. Structural characterization of Cu 2 SnS 3 and Cu 2 (Sn,Ge)S 3 compounds
  24. Islamic ceramics in Portugal found at Silves Castle (8th to 13th c.): An archaeometric characterization
  25. Characterization of fly-ash cenospheres from coal-fired power plant unit
  26. Heavily Yb-doped silicate glass thick films
  27. A multi-technique study for the spectroscopic characterization of the ceramics from Santa Maria do Castelo church (Torres Novas, Portugal)
  28. Spectroscopy of 16th century Portuguese tin-glazed earthenware produced in the region of Lisbon
  29. Raman Spectroscopy of Glasses
  30. Portuguese tin-glazed earthenware from the 17th century. Part 2: A spectroscopic characterization of pigments, glazes and pastes of the three main production centers
  31. Microbiological and compositional features of green stains in the glaze of the Portuguese “Great View of Lisbon” tile panel
  32. Isotropic octupolar second harmonic generation response in LaBGeO5 glass-ceramic with spherulitic precipitation
  33. Germanosilicate glass–ceramics for non-linear optics
  34. Erbium-Doped Tin-Silicate Sol–Gel-Derived Glass-Ceramic Thin Films: Effect of Environment Segregation on the Er3+ Emission
  35. Effect of plasma treatment on the performance of two drug-loaded hydrogel formulations for therapeutic contact lenses
  36. Portuguese 16th century tiles from Santo António da Charneca's kiln: a spectroscopic characterization of pigments, glazes and pastes
  37. Applications of solar mapping in the urban environment
  38. Bi-layer glass-ceramic sealant for solid oxide fuel cells
  39. Comparison of two hydrogel formulations for drug release in ophthalmic lenses
  40. Local structure around Er3+ in GeO2–TeO2–Nb2O5–K2O glasses and glass-ceramics
  41. Optical and spectroscopic properties of rare earth-doped (80−x)TeO2–xGeO2–10Nb2O5–10K2O glasses
  42. Optical Properties of Lead-Free NKN Films from Transmission and Spectral Ellipsometry
  43. Complex dielectric function in lead-free NKN films
  44. Optical and spectroscopic properties of germanotellurite glasses
  45. Structure, surface reactivity and physico-chemical degradation of fluoride containing phospho-silicate glasses
  46. Ultrasensitive microchip sensor based on boron-containing polyfluorene nanofilms
  47. Optical and spectroscopic properties of Er-doped niobium germanosilicate glasses and glass ceramics
  48. RF-plasma assisted PLD growth of Zn3N2 thin films
  49. Chemical and Thermal Characterization of Road Bitumen Ageing
  50. Crystallization of niobium germanosilicate glasses
  51. Optical and spectroscopic characterization of germanium selenide glass films
  52. Morphological and optical properties of silicon thin films by PLD
  53. Structure of Na2O-CaO-P2O5-SiO2Glass-Ceramics with Multimodal Porosity
  54. EXAFS study of the Er3+ ion coordination in SiO2–TiO2–HfO2 sol–gel films
  55. A model for the Ge–O coordination in germanate glasses
  56. Structural heterogeneity in chalcogenide glass films prepared by thermal evaporation
  57. Vibrational spectroscopy study of niobium germanosilicate glasses
  58. Ge−O Coordination in Cesium Germanate Glasses
  59. Er3+ ion dispersion in tellurium oxychloride glasses
  60. Discriminating basal cell carcinoma from perilesional skin using high wave-number Raman spectroscopy
  61. Raman Spectroscopic Characterization of Porcine Brain Tissue Using a Single Fiber-Optic Probe
  62. The effects of ZnCl2 and ErCl3 on the vibrational spectra and structure of tellurite glasses
  63. Dynamics of a gravitational system satellite-stabilizer in circular and elliptic orbits
  64. Fiber-Optic Probes for in Vivo Raman Spectroscopy in the High-Wavenumber Region
  65. Self-absorption and radiation trapping in Er 3 + -doped TeO 2 -based glasses
  66. Tissue characterization using high wave number Raman spectroscopy
  67. Influence of Er3+ on the early stages of crystallization of chloro-tellurite glasses studied by XRD and EXAFS
  68. On a qualitative model for the incorporation of fluoride nano-crystals within an oxide glass network in oxy-fluoride glass-ceramics
  69. Er3+-doped tellurite waveguides deposited by excimer laser ablation
  70. The structure of Er3+-doped oxy-fluoride transparent glass-ceramics studied by Raman scattering
  71. Preparation and characterization of Er3+-doped TeO2-based oxyhalide glasses
  72. Rare-earth-doped transparent glass ceramics
  73. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of alkali germanate glasses
  74. Local order around Er3+ ions in SiO2–TiO2–Al2O3 glassy films studied by EXAFS
  75. Vibrational spectra and structure of alkali germanate glasses
  76. On the origin of the Boson peak in the Raman scattering spectrum of As2S3 glass
  77. Raman spectra and structure of fluoroaluminophosphate glasses
  78. Local environment of rare-earth dopants in silica–titania–alumina glasses: An extended x-ray absorption fine structure study at the K edges of Er and Yb
  79. Structure and Properties of Long-Wavelength-Transmitting Halide Glasses