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  1. Photoconductive Response to Pulsed UV Light of CsPbCl3 Flexible Thin Films Grown by Magnetron Sputtering
  2. Nonlinear emission in CsPbBr3 decorated metasurfaces
  3. Halide Perovskites Films for Ionizing Radiation Detection: An Overview of Novel Solid-State Devices
  4. Flexible CsPbCl3 inorganic perovskite thin-film detectors for real-time monitoring in protontherapy
  5. Temperature-Dependent Amplified Spontaneous Emission in CsPbBr3 Thin Films Deposited by Single-Step RF-Magnetron Sputtering
  6. Magnetron Sputtered CsPbCl3 Perovskite Detectors as Real-Time Dosimeters for Clinical Radiotherapy
  7. Electrical and Optical Characterization of CsPbCl3 Films around the High-Temperature Phase Transitions
  8. Analysis of the Urbach tail in cesium lead halide perovskites
  9. A new route for caesium lead halide perovskite deposition
  10. First Proof-of-Principle of Inorganic Lead Halide Perovskites Deposition by Magnetron-Sputtering
  11. First proof-of-principle of inorganic perovskites clinical radiotherapy dosimeters
  12. Carrier relaxation in inorganic perovskites
  13. Defective States in Micro-Crystalline CsPbBr3 and Their Role on Photoconductivity
  14. Site-Controlled Single-Photon Emitters Fabricated by Near-Field Illumination
  15. Recombination dynamics in CsPbBr_3 nanocrystals: role of surface states
  16. Temperature activated coupling in topologically distinct semiconductor nanostructures
  17. Near-field imaging of single walled carbon nanotubes emitting in the telecom wavelength range
  18. Highly selective sorting of semiconducting single wall carbon nanotubes exhibiting light emission at telecom wavelengths
  19. Near-Field Fano-Imaging of TE and TM Modes in Silicon Microrings
  20. Impact of thermal treatment on the optical performance of InGaN/GaN light emitting diodes
  21. Vectorial near-field imaging of a GaN based photonic crystal cavity
  22. GaAs nanostructures on Si platform
  23. Germanium-based quantum emitters towards a time-reordering entanglement scheme with degenerate exciton and biexciton states
  24. Multiexciton complex from extrinsic centers in AlGaAs epilayers on Ge and Si substrates
  25. Ultra-fast silicon detectors
  26. Optical characterization of individual GaAs quantum dots grown with height control technique
  27. Effects of As pressure on the quality of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots grown on silicon by droplet epitaxy
  28. Changes in the Mg profile and in dislocations induced by high temperature annealing of blue LEDs
  29. Fabrication of Ge-on-Si Substrates for the Integration of High-Quality GaAs Nanostructures on Si
  30. Large-kexciton dynamics in GaN epilayers: Nonthermal and thermal regimes
  31. Kinetics of multiexciton complex in GaAs quantum dots on Si
  32. High quality GaAs single photon emitters on Si substrate
  33. Single photon emission from impurity centers in AlGaAs epilayers on Ge and Si substrates
  34. Ultra-large tuning of photonic modes for efficient Er-doped silicon-based emitters
  35. Antibonding ground state in photonic crystal molecules
  36. High temperature single photon emitter monolithically integrated on silicon
  37. Fast emission dynamics in droplet epitaxy GaAs ring-disk nanostructures integrated on Si
  38. High quality GaAs quantum nanostructures grown by droplet epitaxy on Ge and Ge-on-Si substrates
  39. Micro-photoluminescence of GaAs/AlGaAs triple concentric quantum rings
  40. Young’s Type Interference for Probing the Mode Symmetry in Photonic Structures
  41. Individual GaAs quantum emitters grown on Ge substrates
  42. Binding Energy of Exciton Complexes in Self-Assembled GaAs Quantum Dots
  43. Energy renormalization of exciton complexes in GaAs quantum dots
  44. Carrier recombination dynamics in anatase TiO2 nanoparticles
  45. Probing exciton density of states through phonon-assisted emission in GaN epilayers: A and B exciton contributions
  46. Quantum confinement effects in hydrogen-intercalatedGa1−xAsxNx-GaAs1−xNx:Hplanar heterostructures investigated by photoluminescence spectroscopy
  47. Sub-wavelength probing and modification of photonic crystal nano-cavities
  48. Experimental mapping of the spatial and angular emission patterns in photonic crystal microcavities
  49. Fine structure splitting of quantum dot excitons: Role of geometry and environment
  50. Poissonian excitonic population of single QDs
  51. Selective growth of InAs quantum dots on SiO2-masked GaAs
  52. Ultra-narrow emission from single GaAs self-assembled quantum dots grown by droplet epitaxy
  53. Poissonian statistics of excitonic complexes in quantum dots
  54. Volume versus surface-mediated recombination in anatase TiO2 nanoparticles
  55. Quantum confinement dependence of the energy splitting and recombination dynamics of A and B excitons in a GaN/AlGaN quantum well
  56. High resolution spectroscopy of self-assembled single GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots
  57. Line broadening of excitonic complexes in self-assembled GaAs/AlGaAs single quantum dots
  58. Quantum dots to double concentric quantum ring structures transition
  59. Anisotropic polarization of non-polar GaN quantum dot emission
  60. Photon antibunching in double quantum ring structures
  61. Single quantum dot emission by nanoscale selective growth of InAs on GaAs: A bottom-up approach
  62. Spectral diffusion and line broadening in single self-assembled GaAs∕AlGaAs quantum dot photoluminescence
  63. Impact of quantum confinement and quantum confined Stark effect on biexciton binding energy in GaN∕AlGaN quantum wells
  64. Exciton fine structure in strain-freeGaAs/Al0.3Ga0.7Asquantum dots: Extrinsic effects
  65. Phonon sideband recombination kinetics in single quantum dots
  66. Nonlinear optical tuning of photonic crystal microcavities by near-field probe
  67. Spectral tuning and near-field imaging of photonic crystal microcavities
  68. Purcell effect in micropillars with oxidized Bragg mirrors
  69. Biexciton recombination in high quality GaN/AlGaN quantum wells
  70. Temperature dependence of the polariton relaxation bottleneck in a GaN microcavity
  71. Near-field mapping of quantum dot emission from single-photonic crystal cavity modes
  72. Biexciton kinetics in GaN quantum wells: Time-resolved and time-integrated photoluminescence measurements
  73. Carrier dynamics in individual concentric quantum rings: Photoluminescence measurements
  74. Polariton relaxation bottleneck and its thermal suppression in bulk GaN microcavities
  75. From evidence of strong light–matter coupling to polariton emission in GaN microcavities
  76. Polariton emission in GaN microcavities
  77. Polariton thermalization in GaN microcavities in the strong light–matter coupling regime
  78. Photoluminescence of individual doped GaAs∕AlGaAs nanofabricated quantum dots
  79. Recombination lifetime of single GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots
  80. Polariton emission and reflectivity in GaN microcavities as a function of angle and temperature
  81. Characterization of hydrogen passivated defects in strain-engineered semiconductor quantum dot structures
  82. Recombination kinetics of InAs quantum dots: Role of thermalization in dark states
  83. Reduction of the internal electric field in GaN/AlN quantum dots grown on thea -plane of SiC substrates
  84. Exciton dark states in the recombination kinetics of InAs quantum dots
  85. Recombination kinetics in polarization matched GaN/InAlGaN quantum wells
  86. Study of piezoelectric field in GaN quantum discs embedded in AlGaN nanocolumns
  87. Reduction of the internal electric field in wurtzite a-plane GaN self-assembled quantum dots
  88. Electrical and optical characterization of 4H-SiC diodes for particle detection
  89. Carrier localization in (InGa)(AsN) alloys (Invited Paper)
  90. Carrier dynamics and recombination in GaN quantum discs embedded in AlGaN nanocolumns
  91. Investigation of the recombination dynamics in low In-content InGaN MQWs by means of cathodoluminescence and photoluminescence excitation
  92. Polarization field effects on the recombination dynamics in low-In-content InGaN multi-quantum wells
  93. Carrier recombination kinetics in (311)A InGaAs sidewall quantum wires
  94. Recombination dynamics in InGaN/GaN quantum wells: role of the piezoelectric field versus carrier localization
  95. Single carrier localization in InxGa1−xAs1−yNy investigated by magnetophotoluminescence
  96. Non-linear optical properties of InGaAs/AlGaAs nanostructures grown on (N11) surfaces
  97. Dynamical nonlinearity in strained InGaAs (311)A sidewall quantum wires
  98. Optical and structural characterization of self-organized stacked GaN/AlN quantum dots
  99. Disorder–induced localized states in InAs/GaAs multilayer quantum dots
  100. Exciton kinetics and luminescence in disordered InxGa1−xP/GaAs quantum wells
  101. Piezoelectric effects in sidewall quantum wires grown on patterned (311)A GaAs substrate
  102. Role of the host matrix in the carrier recombination of InGaAsN alloys
  103. Temperature dependence of the effective mobility edge and recombination dynamics of free and localized excitons in InGaP/GaAs quantum wells
  104. Exciton dynamics in InGaAsN/GaAs heterostructures
  105. Comprehensive description of the dynamical screening of the internal electric fields of AlGaN/GaN quantum wells in time-resolved photoluminescence experiments
  106. Correlation between Internal Electric Fields, Residual Strain and Optical Transitions in GaN/AlN Stacked Quantum Dots
  107. Optical and structural characterization of GaN/AlN quantum dots grown on Si(111)
  108. Consequences of the spatial localization on the exciton recombination dynamics in InGaP/GaAs heterostructures
  109. Static and dynamic screening of the polarization fields in nitride nanostructures: a theoretical and experimental study
  110. Optical characterization of IR-active composite glasses
  111. Photoluminescence properties of multiple stacked planes of GaN/AlN quantum dots studied by near-field optical microscopy
  112. CVD diamond optics for ultraviolet
  113. Study of GaAs spacer layers in InAs/GaAs vertically aligned quantum dot structures
  114. Vertical coupling and transition energies in multilayerInAs/GaAsquantum-dot structures
  115. Resonant Rayleigh scattering in quantum well structures
  116. Elastic light scattering from semiconductor structures: Localized versus propagating intermediate electronic excitations
  117. Resonant rayleigh scattering in semiconductor structures
  118. Relaxation of polarized excitons in asymmetric double quantum wells
  119. Femtosecond pulse distortion in GaAs quantum wells and its effect on pump-probe or four-wave-mixing experiments
  120. Capture of carriers excited by interband and intersubband absorption in GaAs/AlAs/AlGaAs double-barrier quantum wells
  121. Exciton dynamics in GaAs quantum wells under resonant excitation
  122. Exciton thermalization in quantum-well structures
  123. LEC SI-GaAs detectors for gamma rays
  124. The stokes shift in good quality quantum well structures
  125. Time resolved optical study of vertical transport in Cd0.82Mn0.18Te/CdTe superlattices
  126. Gallium arsenide charged particle detectors; trapping effects
  127. Hole spin relaxation in a n-doped quantum well structure
  128. Nonresonant electron capture in GaAs/AlAs/AlGaAs double‐barrier quantum well infrared detectors
  129. Experimental studies of proton-implanted GaAs-AlGaAs multiple-quantum-well modulators for low-photocurrent applications
  130. Electric field dependence of exciton spin relaxation in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells
  131. Optical study of vertical transport inCd0.82Mn0.18Te/CdTe superlattices
  132. Picosecond dynamics of resonantly-excited excitons in GaAs quantum wells
  133. Localization in highly strained In0.35Ga0.65As/GaAs ultrathin quantum wells
  134. Gallium arsenide detectors for minimum ionizing particles
  135. Influence of miniband widths and interface disorder on vertical transport in superlattices
  136. Temperature dependence of exciton lifetimes in GaAs/AlxGa1−xAs single quantum wells
  137. Charge transport properties of undoped SI LEC GaAs solid-state detectors
  138. GaAs solid state detectors for particle physics
  139. Hole polarization and slow hole-spin relaxation in ann-doped quantum-well structure
  140. Gallium arsenide microstrip detectors for charged particles
  141. Time-resolved exciton transfer in GaAs/AlxGa1−xAs double-quantum-well structures
  142. Dynamics of exciton relaxation in GaAs/AlxGa1−xAs quantum wells
  143. Time resolved dynamics of the excitonic transfer in double quantum well structures
  144. Time-resolved spin-polarization spectroscopy in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells
  145. Optical investigation of interface roughness and defect incorporation in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells grown with and without growth interruption
  146. Resonance effects in the carrier-tunneling dynamics in asymmetric coupled quantum wells
  147. Temperature dependence of the radiative and nonradiative recombination time in GaAs/AlxGa1−xAs quantum-well structures
  148. Picosecond spectroscopy of hydrogenated MBE-GaAs
  149. Dynamics of Carrier Recombination in GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Well Structures
  150. Electron and hole tunneling times in GaAs/AlGaAs asymmetric double quantum well heterostructures
  151. Thermal ionization of excitons in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well structures
  152. Time‐resolved luminescence of GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures grown by molecular beam epitaxy on misoriented substrates
  153. Temperature Dependence of Exciton Lifetimes in GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Well Structures
  154. Spatial and temporal plasma inhomogeneity effects on the luminescence of highly excited GaAs/AlGaAs multiple quantum well structures
  155. Time-resolved photoluminescence of GaAs/GaAlAs M.Q.W. structures under picosecond excitation
  156. Absorption and luminescence spectroscopy of Eu3+ in lead silicate glasses
  157. Time-resolved luminescence of ZnIn2S4 at low temperature
  158. Raman scattering by hot polaritons in NaClO3