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  1. Exhuming Apartheid: Photography, Disappearance and Return
  2. Decolonisation is now: photography and student-social movements in South Africa
  3. Re-turning History: Helen Levitt, Jansje Wissema, the Burning Museum Collective, and Photographs of Children in the Streets of New York and Cape Town
  4. Making a Life with Words: Apartheid and the making of a black psychologist (2016)
  5. Mourning time: speculations on “Urban cemeteries in Swaziland: materialising dignity”
  6. A density of texture: reading photography from South, North and West Africa
  7. Photography and the Future in Jansje Wissema’s Images of District Six
  8. Stereoscopic visions: reading colonial and contemporary African photography
  9. Political transition and sexual and gender-based violence in South Africa, Kenya, and Zimbabwe: a comparative analysis
  10. “The Plague Act”
  11. Critical response, post-apartheid state rhetoric
  12. Islam and HIV/AIDS: An interview with Fatima Hassan
  13. The university in question
  14. South Africa, violence, and historical trauma
  15. Zanele Muholi's Intimate Archive: Photography and post-apartheid lesbian lives
  16. HIV/AIDS, trauma, life narratives
  17. Rage against the State: Political Funerals and Queer Visual Activism in Post-Apartheid South Africa